I love How I Met Your Mother, you can learn many useful words and expressions from the series. "The Blitz" is a good word for the one who miss the fun at the party. I felt like a blitz today at lunch when I heard that things started to happen and go wild just after I went home last Saturday. Aw maaan. You have to stay until the end.

Anyway, a new week has begun and it's the last one before the Easter break. This morning I had a test done and one more stone lifted from my back. Two more to go. This week will be the hardest so far, I do not know how I will get everything together. I will know how I managed, or failed, in a week. And it will probably go quickly until then.
By the way, I have fixed my application to the architect's program now, and then I'll decide what to do in July. If I don't get in then the choice is made for me and I'll go to the preparatory course and try next year instead. If I get in I believe that I will be pretty hard to not accept. Given that I neither made the architect test nor the Scholastic Aptitude Test, I have less chances to get in. However, it is nice that a part of me wants a free year, therefore it will be easier to deal with a rejection than if I was really intent on study right away.


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