I slept for fifteen hours! I could go on for a few hours more, but it is enough. Thursday's partying sucked all my energy out of me, but me and Karin managed to get up after a few hours sleep and go to school anyway. We both are the biggest slackers we know, so we are extremely proud of ourselves. Actually, the only reason I managed to wake up was that I felt sick from hunger. I also looked pretty fresh ... until the bags under his eyes began to take shape. They were brutal. I had lunch with Jasmin in town and tried to go around in shops with him afterwards until I almost began to see blurry of tireness. Therefore, I spent Friday night in bed.

I am a bit disappointed that I didn't make any Aprils fool yesterday. It's my thing, I fool everybody else all day and remains the unfooled. I didn't even fool my mother who is usually the ultimate victim every year. Damn. I will make up for it next year.


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