Student party!

Yesterday it was our turn to have the graduation party! I can't say anything else than that I am very happy with everything, both the dinner and party! Me and all my dear classmates enjoyed it to the fullest, hope that everyone else had as much fun as we had! It was also great that so many really went for it with the outfit. The dinner also gave us much laughter at the speaches and class nominations.
The party had a movie theme, and I chose to go as Padme from Star Wars, with Leia's hairstyle. Jasmin matched me by going as Luke Skywalker or Anakin (don't know so much about it) but the shining sword from br toys could not be mistaken. Unfortunately I was unable to keep the newly established tradition, to remain until it closes and come home around five, when I after all the dancing barely could keep my eyes opened. Therefore, we went home at two instead.
Anyway, thank you all who made the party to a success!


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