Today I found out that one of the essays I have to write is postponed. A stone was lifted of my back. Just a few stones left. Despite the stress and timelimit I got nothing done today. I think my brain has really good defense, because I have totally managed to displace feelings of stress and refuse to think about all that awaits. I feel good doing it so why not keep it that way. Me and Karin stayed in the school cafeteria to half-past five without doing anything at all of our work. Eventually, one of the cafetieria workers, who probably wondered if we had no home,  asked us to go. When I got home Natalie came over for a while, and when she left I managed to fall asleep and woke up ten o'clock. So useless! Therefore I have to spend the half day tomorrow studying, even though I am free from school. The rest of the dat will be spent with Jasmin.
By the way, I have realized why I look like I have a cold with bags under my eyes, why it itches in my mouth and eyes, and why I'm sneezing all the time. So we meet again, pollen...


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