Have I mentioned that I hate Tuesdays? Yes, I have and I'm doing it again. I have stressed, I have had a stomach ache, I have cried (not that it is something unusual when it comes to me) and I've been so exhausted that I fell asleep and slept away half the day and now I have to stay up the rest of the evening to work on a project.
I hope that tomorrow will be better. It should be, tomorrow night is another Kärrtorp party and I have high expectations for it after the last one. The theme is "childhood characters" and because I'm pretty unimaginative and lazy right now, I will be Snow White as I was when we did those funny pics with the class, with some changes then. Feels good anyway with a little party in the middle of everything.
Before ending this post, I must add that I love that there are nice people, strangers, which can make the day a bit better for the moment by a simple good deed. Over and out.


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