We don't sleep when the sun goes down

Last night we went to another studentparty at Rose and had a fun evening with Kärrtorp people again. First we met up with the girls for pre partying, it looked very funny when we sat like a large, colorful bunch, dressed as various children's characters at one table. I was dressed as Snow White, version 2.0, haha. The evening's recurring question was if I had cut my hair, but it was the clips that did their job through half the night. Me and Karin were once again there until the end of the party (refuse to be The Blitzer) and followed the guys to McDonalds afterwards. We did not fall asleep until 6 this morning! Luckily we had a very chill day at school when we mostly sat and had coffee. I tried to go into town afterwards because I thought it was a wonderful sunny day and I could go without a jacket for the first time this year, but I couldn't last more than 15 minutes. Went home and past out for a few hours. I feel completely knocked out the day after these parties. I wonder if I will manage to hold the "until the end" tradition after the holidays when there will be four studentparties in a week.


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