Halid & Tifa

I don't know how to describe this weekend's experiences. It was an emotional rollercoaster with moments where I asked myself why I even was there and times when I had a lot of fun. Drama is getting inevitable at these Bosnian concert and parties. I would like to go to one without brawl, tears and fights. But shit happens, I am after all a great at trying to have fun and feel good even during the worst moments. It also helps to have wonderful people by my side who are equally good at keeping their spirits up. I will be eternally grateful that I always have Hanna and our wonderful teamwork. When I lose my mood she is there to get it up and vice versa.
I have not been as exhausted in a long time as I was when I got home, therefore I slept away the rest of this Sunday. I can't describe how happy I am for the week of holiday, it's right on time!

Norrköping tonight

Now it's just a few minutes left before I finish work. I'm standing and jawning behind the desk, doing everything I can to hide the bags under my eyes. I had to wake up extra early this morning to pack everything for our little weekend trip to Norrköping. Soon I'll go and meet the others and then we go directly to the hostel where we are gonna get ready before the concert, as always. Should be lots of fun!


I have had one, or none, class a day this week. However, it has been a lot of running back and forth with things that had to be fixed, work that had to be done, people I had to meet and so on. But I don't mind, I love when things are happening. Rather some action than sit at home and be bored or be buried by schoolwork.
Tonight, I have two simple assignment to do, and then I can relax. I had planned to go to the gym today, just as I planned every day this week, but I postpone it to tomorrow. Again.

Here we go again

It is only a week left before we get a week's holiday. I love these holidays that appears very timely when you're tired of school and everyday life. My birthday comes up the week after the holiday and then it is not far from Easter break, all other birthdays that we'll celebrated, student parties and other fun stuff. Before you know it, it will be spring. The idea feels very comforting in this February darkness. 
Anyway, next weeks holiday begins with a concert in Norrköping. It's been a while! Not that I'm especially psyched over the artists, I've already seen Halid and Tifa does not have the most danceable songs (although I can see me and Hanna go crazy when we hear Kise jesenje), but it will be great. We will be a big group and probably meet many more there. Hopefully I'll also meet people I have not seen in a long time. Can't wait!

Tu sam da ti nadu vratim

I never get tired of his songs and his voice. I have listened to the same songs year after year, I love them just as much year after year. Sometimes I have my Tose periods, as I have right now, when I listen to him all the time. I will never get over his death, and I will never get over that I did not go to his concert before he passed away.


This coldness is killing me. I have been complaining about the coldness all day today, with a lot of cursing. Uppsala is worse than Stockholm. Before I went home from there Jasmin and I decided to go and check on ice sculptures in the city park before my train departure. What idiots, we had to turn back when we realized that we couldn't feel our body parts anymore. We also managed to fall off the bike. Who the hell bikes on snow and ice, in minus 25 degrees? Well, people in Uppsala and retards like us. Haha.


Everyday life is much better without the schoolwork and normal routines. These days I have, among other things, spent time with Jasmin, been at the movies, had a cozy evening with a sleepover at Erica's with the other girls and had plenty of time to just take it easy.
Yesterday I spent the whole day with Hanna. It was very needed and I have missed her very much! I got out every thought, reflection, complaint and desire that has existed in my head lately. She is a person who you can really talk to, laugh and cry with. And eat with. We didn't move from the kitchen for several hours, we just switched between talking and eating. After McDonalds food and all the other snack we also managed to eat a whole pizza. I love people who can eat.

Idre - part 2

Valentine's day

I hope you had a nice Valentine's day, whether you are in relationship, singles or Valentine haters. I've been home alone all day because my boyfriend couldn't meet with me today. We'll see eachother tomorrow instead and probably go out and eat, and go to the movies. It's nice that I have a short school day tomorrow, and a rather easy school week according to my calendar.

Idre - part 1

The long awaited trip to Idre was over on what now feels like five seconds. The party started on thursday on the bus and after that the time has just flown away, do not even know what I did what day. But damn I've had so much fun! I didn't ski very much, but there was three party nights and much coziness in cottage number five, the best cottage. We got home last night and I still have sore muscles, sore neck after the bus trip, sore throat and a fat bulge in the back of my head after falling down on the black ski hill... Just kidding, I fell off a chair. I did actually have a heavy fall on the ski hill too, but I survived. Today I stayed home for some rehab and to catch up on lost sleep.
Now that I've gone through the pictures, it feels very sad when I realize that I've only got a few months left at my school...

Idre here we come!

The reason for my bad update is that I didn't want to fill this blog with complaints. These last days have not been the best. Most things has gone wrong and I have been a victim of annoying little things all the time. And a week of PMS.
But now it will be better times. We are going to Idre tomorrow and I'm very psyched! The hard part is the packing. I am a panic person. Or rather, control person, but not having everything under control gives me panic. We will be gone for four days and still feel like I need to bring my whole life.
Just a few minutes ago I put on all the ski clothes and went out to mom and dad, and we all started laugh at me. Ski, snow and such thing is not my natural environment, and I think I exude it. But as long as I avoid breaking anything in the ski slope it will be good! I seriously have to learn to turn at high speeds ...

This gasket is unfortunately only for the picture's sake. I have barely begun to pack and my room looks like a war field.


Although it has mostly been a sunny week, without much schoolwork, I have still been unusually tired these days. I've fallen back into my pattern with long "powernaps" every day, which only makes me even more tired. Meanwhile, my mind has been full of thoughts, ideas and plans. Sometimes it becomes to much.
Anyway, it's friday now and it is the first weekend in a long time that I do not have to work. Tonight's partying will also be the first in a long time. I feel like an oldie that is tired of going out. Right now I mostly look forward to Thursday when I'm going away to Idre with my girls and other folks from school. It will be nice to get away from the everyday life a few days.
Something else I look forward to is that Jasmina will be comming over the weekend of my birthday! Finally. We have been planning to see eachother throughout the whole fall and winter, but something has got in the way every time. Last night we sat and chatted for a few hours, I had sore cheeks from laughing, as usual. I miss her so much! I would be the happiest ever if she started studying here on my side of Sweden.

The Prime Minister's visit

I was one of the students who got to meet Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt today. He visited our school to listen to our views about school, work and our future. However, it was more a question time/debate where Reinfeldt had to answer questions on everything from emission allowances to arms exports. Interesting, but according to me not relevant in this context. It should have been more focus on what is relevant to us young people because our opinions about our situation are the most important ones. I understand that many wanted to take this opportunity to ask questions about other things, it's not often you can do so directly to the Prime Minister of Sweden, but due to the short time we had, I think that certain issues should have been prioritized.
It was still an experience to hear Reinfeldt discuss with us young people, while we were surrounded by reporters and cameras. I understand that this is also a way to try to win our votes, and I'm not a fan of the right wing, but I still think it is good that a prime minister goes to schools and meet with us students.
Me and Erica was atleast able to later tell our views about the visit in an interview with a woman from the government. I wonder if the article will come up somewhere.

The first picture is from the article on Expressen.

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