Sarajevo tomorrow! In only a few hours we are off to the airport. Can't believe it's already time! The last few days has consisted of work, packing, shopping and goodbye meetings with my wonderful friends that I will miss this summer. I've been so busy that I haven't even had time to think about how fast time goes by. My gigantic suitcase is finally ready after three days of packing, overweight as usual, but I refuse to sacrifice something, I'll rather pay.
Right nowam at Jasmin's in Uppsala, we are going to the airport together tomorrow. It will be so awesome with vacation, and to enjoy life to the fullest every day. After a few weeks in Sarajevo, I'll also spend a week in Croatia. Can't wait! I will be home in late July, we'll see if there will be any updates before then. So long!


Midsummer celebration with the girls. For me it was more of a goodbye-dinner since I will not see my beloved girls all summer. We have one or two days to see each other when I get home from Sarajevo, then they'll go off on their trip, which I unfortunately could not go on because I don't know if I'm going to study or not yet. Oh, I will miss them so much, they are really the best. I always get a stomach ache from laughing with them. Mentally disturbed, that's probably what others would say about us if they saw us in our most glorious moments. Much love to them.


The day at work went by very quickly,
probably because I didn't have to spend half the day standing in the copy room. Today I got a bit more difficult tasks. I must admit that the work got more interesting. I'm actually surprised at how much responsibility and access to important documents I get. A little carelessness on my part could do much harm, and knowing it makes things a little harder. It's as if someone would give me an egg and say that I absolutely can't not drop it because it's incredibly valuable... Greater risk that I lose it then than if I would go and throw around an egg from the refrigerator (the last part was a lie, I would easily drop an egg if I threw around with it, but it sounded good). Enough about that.

In a week I will be in Sarajevo. The time before summer has never gone by faster, probably because I'm not counting days, longing, and thinking about it like previous years. I had all my focus on the graduation, and now on work. I suffer from anxiety as soon as I start to think about the packing. It's a few days project for me that always ends in panic. I am also starting to get a little panicky about my throat which feels weird, again... The last thing I need now is to become ill, again. I might have jinxed myself after all.


I have married the copying machine here at work. We live together in the copy room. Me, the copying machine and all the paper, a happy family. Shoot me, anybody? This is the first day back at work after the weekend, I was too sick to work yesterday, but it already feels like I've been here for a week. Again, I am here without mom because she had to drive my even more ill brother to the doctor. Boring. It's mom and her funny ideas that makes it worthwhile working here. And my brother's illnes gives me anxiety, he's had continuous high fever for three days in a row. It has never happened to any of us before.

Another really bad thing is you, you embarrassing fool, who created a profile on Facebook in my name with my pictures from my blog. I don't know if I should laugh or just sigh and hit my palm against my head. Not only do you take my pictures, but my name? I really wonder how people who do such things feel, they can't be doing good in life. Too bad Facebook isn't a bit more efficient with looking up reports. This is so disturbing, it reminds me that there are so many retards, in addition to your dear and sweet readers, that make me question my publicity and openness in the blog.


Really lovely dress from H&M.

Answers to questions

I began to regret this "question time" when I started to answer all the questions, it took a little longer than I thought it would! Now it's done and I have tried to answer all your questions, both private and non private. I might have missed some questions, but in that case, you can ask it again in the comments. I have not included questions where you mention people I don't know. Here you go:


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

- I'm probably still studying, maybe I'm still living at home, maybe I've moved in with a friend or boyfriend by then. I don't really know where I see myself, I usually don't think so far ahead. Life can take you anywhere.

Do you have any role model?

- My parents are my role models.

Have you done IQ tests sometime?
If yes, what did you get and what kind of IQ test was that?
- I must have done some test on internet a long time ago but I can't remember what I got or what test it was.

Do you believe in supernatural things?

- Sometimes, even though I like to think realistically and scientifically. I still can't help but believe that there is a higher power, a God, who ensures that good leads to good and bad leads to bad. I have a little religious side after all. I also believe in some signs and horoscopes, my horoscope is always right, haha!

Do guys often hit on you?

- Yes, it happens occasionally.

The most embarrassing you've ever done: P

- I have so many embarrassing stories to tell but can never come up with a real embarrassing one when I get this question. I guess I repress such things!

What countries have you visited?

- Denmark, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia (do you notice that it is the way to Bosnia?), Italy, Spain, France, Finland, Estonia, Latvia ... I think that is all, sadly, nothing beyond Europe. Buhu.

Are you planning to take your driving license in the near future?

- I plan to begin practice driving!

Are you a virgin?

- Popular question. No.

Must first say that I respect and admire your love to ya mommmaa! there's
many who don't appreciate their mothers!
1. What were your dreams when you were little? like singer or dolphin trainer, as all little kids used to say?
2. if you had to travel back to any time what time would you go back to and why? 
3. given the way you write, have you ever thought about becoming a writer or something like that?
- Thanks, but how can I not love my mommaaa? ;) 
1. I dont remember anything else besides "artist", painting artist. 
2. 80's, seems to have been a wonderful time... of course based on my parents' stories. 
3. No, never. I'm good at writing essays and argue for my opinions, but to write stylistically and express feelings in words is not my thing.


Could you ever imagine moving back to our beloved homeland, Bosnia, and stay there?

- No, not as it is right now. I'm doing very well in Sweden and I love living in Stockholm. The situation in Bosnia is still bad both politically and economically and I think I would find it difficult to get used to the standard. I have also built a life here with family, friends and other people. I have everything here, and nothing to "go back to" in my hometown, Banja Luka. I have some cousins ​​in Sarajevo and those are the ones I visit in the summer.

What do you love most about Bosnia?
- There's a lot, but the way people express feelings.. How Bosnians love, party, fight, joke... Everything feels much more intense there, and I love it.

Are you Bosnian? Cause you got some Asian features.. You resemble Smallville-Lana so much .. haha:)
- My father is Bosnian and my mother is Chinese..... No, I'm totally Bosnian. 

Is your last name originally from Turkey?
(Our receptionist has the surname Karat and is Turkish)
- I really don't know, but it's possible as many names in Bosnia has its origin from that area.

Hello, I was tipped off about your blog by Jasminka (your former home language teacher who is now my teacher) Now I'm stuck and I think it is very good!
I wonder how you can be so amazingly beautiful? and are you completely Bosnian? : D
- Haha! Would never have guessed that she even knows that I have a blog! How fun, thanks! Yes, I am completely Bosnian.

I wonder why your parents chose to give both you and your brother "medjunarodna", popular, names? Is there any particular reason? both parents are from Bosnia and are Muslims, it's still common to give Muslim names, right?) from what I understand it seemes that many people associate you with other than "completely Bosnian/Muslim", is it bothering you to always have to explain/inform people? and one more question, would you, as your parents, give your children "popular" names? if not, why?
- My parents are not particularly religious and didn't choose names after religion, they chose names they liked and that works everywhere in the world. I'm very grateful for that, if I'd had gotten one of the "common" Bosnian, Muslim, names, I would've probably had the same name as five other people in my circle of friends. No, it does not bother me. I rather think it is a bit fun when people can't decide which religion I belong to (which unfortunately is very important to many Balkan people) because I notice when they wonder but don't want to ask. I have no problem with explaining/informing, but I like to talk to a person before he or she knows what my religion is. I will not strive for giving my children "popular" or "Muslim" names, I will give them names that I think are beautiful. If it is a nice, simple, Muslim name - why not? As long as the name works all over the world so they don't have to explain their name ten times to a Swedish person.


Are you going to stay in Stockholm when you start studying in the university?

- Yes, I will live at home.

Thought I would ask what you have applied for this fall?

- Architecture at KTH in Stockholm is the only thing I have applied for (except for a course in architecture in case I don't get accepted) because it's the only thing I want to study right now.

What grades did you graduate with?

- 22.3 with the extra points (out of 22.5), which means all A's and one B.

What do you think about your class that you had in Kärrtorp?

- I like it very much and am thankful that I ended up with them. We had a good atmosphere in the class and we all got along well even if we all did not socialize outside of school. The people I hung out with outside of school are my girls and it was a pleasure to be in school every day thanks to them!

Have you ever done a re-test at some point? and what were your grades before upper secondary school?
- Only when I've been ill and missed the test. I graduated primary school with 320 points out of 320. 

How can you afford all the shopping and traveling abroad?

- I distribute my money well, which I must do with my minimal salary and studying allowence. I don't think I travel a lot. I travel to Bosnia and Croatia during the summer and it never cost me much with housing and food, the money I get by saving what I earn when I work during the Christmas holidays or one or two weeks during the summer holidays. The trip to Paris last fall I could afford because I had money left over after the summer, and the cruise to Riga is cheaper than traveling by train to Gothenburg or Malmö in Sweden.
The shopping I can afford when I have money left over, sometimes I have periods when I can afford to shop and sometimes I don't. I have, apart from one garment or two, not shopped since March in order to afford all the student partying before graduation, and to save for the summer. So it isn't as much as it looks!

I know you wrote that you have one VG (B) so now I wonder what subject it was? was it gymnastics? you seem to be very good at academic subjects :)

- Yes, it was gymnasitcs. I had "menstrual pain" every two weeks so it wasn't that surprising, haha.

What would you like to study instead of architecture?

- Psychology. However, I get to be more creative by studying architecture, that's why it attracts me more.

What did you get from the school for your grades?

- I got 900 kr.


Is that your natural curls that you usually have?
Also wondering if you ever dyed it? :) Good blog btw!
- Thanks! My natural curls are slightly smaller and curlier. Here is how it looks without blow-drying, curlying or ironing. Messy. I curl my hair with a small curling iron. I've never dyed it but I've toned it and made some highlights a few years ago.

Where do you mostly buy your clothes?

- H&M and Zara.

How do you wash your face?
(You have a nice and clean face!)
- I use Gentle Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover by Nivea for removing eye makeup and Clinique Liquid Facial Soap for the whole face. Afterwards, I use the facial cream "oil-free moisturizer" from Neutrogena. 

Do you go to the solarium much?

- Rarely, only a few times during the winter, but I mostly use a mild self-tanning creme in the winter instead.

Do you think much about what you eat and do you exercise anything?

- No, not very much. I atleast try not to eat too much junk food and ready-cooked food, but I eat way too much sweets for my own good. I don't practice anything in particular, but sometimes I have periods when I try to exercise on my own a few times a week by running or going to the gym. Those periods, however, ends pretty fast...

How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

- 165 cm, at the moment I weigh about 56 kg.

What kind of bra do you use when you have some loose dresses/blouses?

- It depends on the material, but I mostly use bras with smooth surface. I adjust color after the garments color.

How do you care for your hair?
(It looks smashing)
- Thanks, but my hair is actually very worn. I unfortunately don't take good care of my hair, the only thing I use heat protection when I curl or iron it. 

can't you make any posts with "How to match" with beautiful simple garments?

- You can see how I match my clothes on my regular pictures.


Who is your best friend?

- I have several close friends and some of them are my closest, but no one can replace another. However, I can say that in an emergency situation right now I would call Karin, we've been through a lot together, especially the last six months, and I've grown a lot as a person because of her. But I love all my closest friends just as much!

How are you in a relationship?
Dominant? Etc.
- I can be a real Hitler chick sometimes, haha. But I'm very stubborn and like to decide, in whatever situation.

Are you Muslim? are
your parents Muslims? do they know about your boyfriend? do they think it's okay? / / Wish my parents thought it were okay for me: ((
- Yes, I am a Muslim, but neither I nor my parents are particularly religious. Yes, Jasmin has almost become a part of the family, haha. I understand that you do, I don't know how old you are but the older you get, the more you'll be able to argue for your will, and hopefully your parents will show more trust and understanding for you.

How long have you and jasmin been together? do you think that you will be together forever? can you can see yourself in a wedding dress next to him? you look perfect together! LOVE

- We have been together for a year and a half. I've always thought that it is silly to say "forever" at our age, there are many years left until I'm getting married so I can't see myself in a wedding dress with anybody right now.

How did you and Jasmin meet?:)

- I wish I could tell a romantic story here but no. We met in Sarajevo two summers ago through mutual friends when we were out one night. After that we met each other in Sweden when and spent time together with mutual friends again, then we started talking on msn, facebook, etc. We became friends and after a few months, one thing led to another.

Was jasmin the first one you had sex with?

- OoH StOp BeiNg So eMbArRasSiIinG. No.

How is Jasmin as a boyfriend?:)

- He's a wonderful boyfriend!

are you the girl all the guys look at when you're out with your girlfriends?

- I have many beautiful girlfriends so we share the guys' looks. 

Does your dad work as an architect in Stockholm?

- Yes, he does. Would be pretty tough if he worked anywhere else. 

Do you ever fight with your boyfriend? If so,
 how do you handle it?
- Yes, of course it happens, we both always speak our opinions and we don't always agree. Bigger fights doesn't happen very often, but when it does it usually goes like this: We scream at each other and make each other more angry than necessary, like fire and oil. I cry, as usual, then I turn to my psychologist (mother), she calms me down. Then, when we are both calm, we talk about how we feel, why we are angry/upset and try to understand each other. Then it always resolves.



- No, thanks, I'm good.

Kad ces biti u Sarajevu ovog ljeta?
Pa da odemo na Kafu: D
- Od 29th Juna, pridji ako me vidis!

How would you react if readers came to you and asked for a picture, praised you for your blog, etc.?
I saw you at Dino Merlin concert but didn't dare to say anything, haha. Take care and thanks for a wonderful blog! :*
- I'd be very happy, and surprised! There was actually a girl who came up to me at that concert and I thought she was very sweet!

Do you know Ines delilovic?
how do you know her? are you related?
- I know her through Jasmin, their families have known each other for a long time.

how many readers do you have?

- 300-350 a day if I update daily.

How have you fixed the layout for your blog?
Really nice:)
- Thanks, I have tried my way and things I didn't know how to do I looked up at blogs such as

I'm ill

I don't know how I held out as well as I did yesterday with my cold, but I was feeling pretty good until the end of the evening. After everyone went home, I started shaking with fever. Today I have been ill in bed all day. It was only a matter of time when this would happen, I expected it right after I froze to death all wet on the party truck. But I held out until everything was over, just like the good weather held out until my graduation was over. I have had such a luck. And what a fantastic immune system I have had in recent years, can't remember when I last had a fever. Now I dare saying it without being afraid to jinx myself, haha. Although I hate being sick, I must admit that there have been a little nice to lay in bed while the rain have poured all day. However, it would be good to get well as soon as possible... I have to work tomorrow.

Graduation party

Yesterday we celebrated my graduation at our place and I had a really nice evening with friends and family. We danced and sang, my girls got to experience a little Bosnian "party", the youngest boys got a bit drunk, my grandmother joined the dancing and got to use her three Swedish sentences she know to my Swedish friends, and I got a lot of flowers and nice gifts. Thanks to everyone who came yesterday!


It is finally mine, only mine, and we'll be together forever and ever and ever... until I get a newer and better. But now it's mine and it finally works. I have been without a working sim card for two days now because Comviq managed to mess it up for me twice. It was hell. It's terrible how handicapped you feel without a phone...


The days after the graduation are just a big blur and I have a hard time to keep track of what day or time it is at all. I awoke in the middle of the day on Wednesday after a late night, more correctly morning, and didn't leave the bed during the day. All of a sudden it was Thursday and I went with mom to work at her job. I did not know who I was or what my name was when I was awakened at 6 o'clock in the morning after three hours of sleep. Today I am here myself because mom is at home. I am really struggling to stay awake, I take walks around the office and splash water in my face to not fall asleep while sitting in front of the screen, and to not fill in wrong details in the documents. "These documents are very, very important, if something happens to them, the company may pay a fine." Don't feel any pressure Lana!
Now I'll spend the rest of the day in the copy room because I need to copy hundreds of documents, no kidding.

The final student party

My best day ended with my school's final party at Pure! It probably won't be many more celebrations with people from my school like all these student parties we had this spring, therefore I enjoyed every second. But the evening ended way too fast! I will miss this.


I HAVE GRADUATED! My day was indescribably good, the best ever! I couldn't ask for a better day. I had all my classmates and schoolmates by my side, along with my family and friends. The day went by incredibly fast and it felt totally unreal. It was unreal that it was our turn to graduate, that it was the last day in our beloved Kärrtorps Gymnasium, that the three years together already is over. I cried with joy and sadness at the same time. Everything was wonderful, the champagne breakfast, student lunch, songs, speeches, atmosphere and excitement before the run out, not to mention the running out to family and friends, the truck party and the final school party. I was in an euphoric state all day. The day exceeded my expectations and there was also some surprises. Me and Karin received a scholarship in the assembly room for the best grades in our class. It felt good to be appreciated for what I achieved during my time in upper secondary school. At the same time, we all tried not to realize that we are leaving upper secondary school behind us forever, as soon as that thought struck me the tears welled up. They still do. I have not been able to digest it all yet. I don't want to. Damn, I love my, now former, school and the people I went with. Thank you all for the three best years of my life, they are unforgettable.


Graduation tomorrow! I'm sitting here in front of the computer completely paralyzed, have so much to do but don't know where to begin. I'll probably stay up until three o'clock tonight, I'm not effective until midnight. Now I am incredibly grateful that I won't have my graduation party tomorrow, I get tired by just thinking about it. Gah... It is not even a half day left before I'll wake up... SOON I'M GRADUATING!


Since I probably won't have time to update these days I thought of having the premiere of "question time" as they say in the blogosphere. I think I'm pretty good at answering your questions anyway, but since some of you have  asked about this, I guess there still is an interest for it, so I expect atleast more than five questions now. Otherwise, we should forget that this post was ever published haha. Ask what you want now, and I'll accept all the comments later!


Four posts in one day, it's pretty ambitious for being me. The next post with pictures will probably be from my graduation. I can't believe that it is the day after tomorrow. I'm praying for good weather, at least no rain. I really don't want it to rain, but it will if you believe in the weather forecast, which I do. 1. It's logical if it rains after this heat. 2. It's typical if it rains on my last graduation, I have never had a sunny school graduation. 3. It's comical that the predicted rain is postponed every day but not until Wednesday. I'm praying, please, no rain...
Anyway, I have a lot to do until then, tomorrow it's time for the last preparations with my classmates. I have to put everything else aside, because I'll probably stress to death, as usual. I must save some energy until Tuesday.
Soon it will be the day I've waited for for so long.


Friday: In the evening I went to Sommar with Erica, Elina and her friend Louise. I was supposed to go home around twelve because I had work the next day, but on my way home I got convinced by Melisa to go with her to Yunite. Since it was nearby and I was in a good mood, I went there for a while. We felt that it wasn't the right place for us when we got there... But it might have been slightly better if it had not been live music.

Saturday: After a day at work I went to Josefina's where Amela had gathered her friends for a farewell evening. She will live and work in Chicago for a while, and I wish her ​​all the best over there! However, I didn't have to say goodbye yet, because we will meet at my graduation. Afterwards, I went to a party with my girls, but it was a pretty lame night for me. My mood was not on top anymore, unfortunately, there is always something that can pop your bubble of happiness.

Summer day

The day after Dennis prom and Hanna's graduation party we were lying at home all tired. We're not used to this heat in Sweden. It felt a bit like when we are in Bosnia and Croatia, where we always are exhausted because of the heat when we come home. Anyway, we decided to seize the day and take a bike ride. Can't remember when I last rode myself. I had pain in the butt because of my uncomfortable seat for a whole day after. But it was great, just like everything else these days!

Dennis' prom

My beba is done with elementary school! I wonder how much older, and taller, he must get before I stop saying beba. He'll soon be biggest at home but he will probably never stop being the family baby, haha. It is fascinating how I, although I see him every day, still can be surprised by his height, his voice, his behavior, that he is not a little kid anymore. Time goes by so quickly. Soon he will come home with a girlfriend, soon I will see him in the club partying and soon I will get phone calls when he gets into trouble or want me to buy alcohol for him... And I'll always be the cool sister who helps him with everything.

Dennis and his Bosnian crew, haha. How cute are they??

All day, all night, what the fuck

I'm living in a bubble of happiness right now. I'm enjoying every second, saying yes to everything, loving everything, taking advantage of every sunny day and evening. Sometimes I stop and try to think of what I must do, but then I realize that I don't have any "musts".
I went out yesterday, it was a longer night than expected. Woke up early this morning, not feeling very good haha. With that bad feeling, combined with menstrual pain, I had to leave for work. But even when I felt bad I was feeling good. Right now it does not matter how I feel physically, it can't pop my bubble of happiness. And I will not rest until my graduation is over! So therefore I will soon get ready for yet another evening with friends, even though I'm really tired after working. Life is too good right now to be sitting at home.
I have many blog entries and pictures to upload, but right now there is no time for that!

I feel good

What a day so far! It feels like it has been ages since we woke up at seven o'clock in the morning! I had my last lesson in upper secondary school ever this morning, after that I cleared my locker, went to the counselor to figure out my final grades and felt so incredibly fucking good! The freedom, relief, happiness, pride... I will graduate with 22.3 as my final grade (out of 22,5), and I am so proud of myself! Being aware that so many doors are open for me in the future, it's wonderful! Life is wonderful.
I've shared the happiness with Jasmin today. He is also happy after receiving their final exam results and by that knowing that he has finished a flawless semester at the University of Stockholm! I'm proud of him too! Now he is lying in my bed and sleeping, we are both exhausted after waking up early and traveling back and forth in town in this heat. In an hour I'll be a proud big sister when we follow my brother to school where he will have a ball!

Hanna's graduation

Today it was Hanna's turn to graduate! Congratulations and a lot of happiness in life, I wish my dear friend! And also that she party like never before tonight! I am glad to take part of her happy day, and we will meet later again at her graduation party!

Life will smile for you

I know I'm nagging about how good, great and wonderful everything is, but I will probably do that for a while! These days I should have had PMS, according to my calculations. Instead, my mood was quite the contrary, I am filled with joy and harmony! I met Melisa today, we walked around town and sat at a coffee shop in Old Town and talked for hours until our tongues hurt... as usual when we meet! I unfortunately didn't meet Karin today but I had a few hours long talkdate with Jasmina instead, who I miss so much! I really wish we lived a bit closer and could go at each other's graduations. However, we will make sure that we see each other this summer, in one way or another!

I miss you!


Nice with summer rain, it's so muggily and sweaty all the time! However, I hope the sun comes back now because it's time for me to head into town and meet with Melisa. Later Karin will probably come over. Tomorrow is going to be full from morning to night! School, things to fix in the city, Hanna's graduation, meet Jasmin, Dennis prom, Hanna's graduation party... have to catch up with everything!

Annoying things on Facebook

- When people like their own statuses, links and pictures. You should not do that, just like you shouldn't say "I'm so funny" after making a joke. If, for example, you post a song it's already pretty obvious that you like that song, isn't it?
- When the new question feature appeared. It must be the most useless thing on Facebook in a long time.
- When it shows up who has become friends with who on the news wall. I really can not care less.
- When people don't get that the society's social rules applies on the Facebook chat too.
- When people talk about what they do, eat, when they visit the toilet and when they breathe, in other words, when they use the status as a diary. Please do everyone a favor and get a blog so those who are interested can read about what you do every day, while the remaining 647 friends who don't care can avoid the unnecessary status on the news.
- When girls say "OMG I MUST TELL YOU SOMETHING LATER!" to each other to make others wonder what kind of superdupermegainteresting thing it is that they must tell. SMS does actually work fine if it is secret, and you can also say it directly with SMS. It may be okay if you can't reach each other on phone, but usually you check your cell phone before you check facebook.
- When people constantly "check in", wherever they go, for every step they take. No, I'm not at all bitter because I don't have my own iPhone ...

All we need is just a little patience

ONE WEEK LEFT TO GRADUATION! It's crazy! I am still not mentally prepared, so I hope this week is long. However, I am mentally prepared for summerbreak. After almost a week without school, we had one lesson today, and I have one lesson on Thursday, and that's it! No more school until graduation. I'm free! There is so much wonderful waiting, a wonderful week and a wonderful month. Everything with wonderful friends. I can't wait, I want to experience it all now, at the same time, but I don't want anything to end. I want to stop time, in the middle of all this wonderful.


After a day in the sun, I met the girls in the evening again, this time at Josefina's. It's so wonderful with summer nights!

National Day of Sweden

I'ts wonderful to be free on the national day! It's wonderful with heat and sun! I dare say that Swedish weather has improved, usually that is what me and everyone else in this country complain most about. Hope it continue like this. Today I would also like to pay tribute to Sweden and say how happy I am to be living in this wonderful country. I'm happy when I think of everything I have and everything I can get, and who I can be - exactly whoever I want to be.
When I was younger I was told that we fled from Bosnia because of monsters. I was old enough to understand that these monsters were horrible people. And I always wondered how Sweden could be monster-free, war-free, and disaster-free. "Are there any monsters here? Could it be earthquakes here? Will we ever have to flee again?" I asked mom and dad, but they always assured me that nothing bad can happen here. What a fantastic country.
Today I know that we are not really safe anywhere. There are monsters everywhere, there is hate everywhere, there are disasters and diseases everywhere. But there is probably no place that I feel safer than in Sweden, when I think of everything I have, everything I can get and who I can be - exactly whoever I want to be.

Make me move like a freak, Mr. Saxobeat

What a awesome night I had yesterday! I love it when unplanned nights turn out great. We sat in a open-air bar in town, then we moved to another open-air bar in Söder and suddenly around noon, we noticed that the dance floor inside was really crowded, and it was pretty unexpected because none of us have been there before. It's been a while since I danced until the sweat ran... and it was to house! But it was good house. It's also been a while since I was somewhere where there were more men than women... It was like being somewhere abroad, I felt like a piece of meat. But apart from that, and my 14 cm heels, it was really great to dance all night! Luckily the evening was a success, I needed that because I felt like the only person in Sweden who did not enjoy the warm summer day yesterday because of work.

Miranda's birthday celebration

It was a wonderful evening last night! Sun, food, music, laughter, graduation talk, my beloved friends ... It doesn't get any better than that. It was a bit less wonderful to wake up this morning, didn't feel my best... My phone went swimming in a drink yesterday, it's hardly possible to write sms now. The mosquitoes took what they could so now I have a large number of mosquito bites on my hands and a huge one on my cheek. Nice. But I just got to deal with it!

Sometimes it is easier to stay than to walk away

It's so nice being free from school! Although we don't graduate until the 14th of June, we have very few school days left! I think that we only have three days left in school, if even that. I have to enjoy as much time as possible with my girls and classmates. Tonight we will enjoy when we celebrate Miranda outside in the evening sun!

Melisa's graduation

Yesterday, my good friend Melisa had her graduationparty! Congratulations to her, wish her all the best! I'm just too emotional for such things, my eyes teared up as soon as I saw her in her white dress. How will I manage not to drown in tears on my own graduation, that is the question. Anyway, it was really nice to take part of her happiness at her graduation party. The night wasn't as long for me as for the rest of us that was going out clubbing afterwards, I had no energy for the crowd at Stureplan. There was so much people out there yesterday! I felt kind of grateful that our school will have a final student party so we don't have to queue and stand in that crowd of people. I'm also grateful that we have a few days left before our graduation, I must prepare myself mentally a bit more.

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