Proljece je, sve se budi, nocas neko nekog ljubi

It is with an enormous pleasure that I realized it's May now. I have been waiting for this month. I have been waiting for this season. I feel like dancing, jumping, running and screaming that I love life... if it weren't for the studying I have to do today. Otherwise, I would. It is a bit difficult to study though, when the thoughts fly off to everything wonderful that is waiting.
Anyway, I think I've been pretty good with posting pictures this week, don't you think? As summer and the good life begins, there is more that is worth saving in picture form. the blog will probably be bombarded with pictures íf Sweden continues to have good weather.

Postat av: Anonym

I think that me and you,have alot in common ..! thats why I love reading your blog..:)

2011-05-02 @ 11:41:34
Postat av: Lana

anonymous: well that's nice to hear :) where are you from?

2011-05-02 @ 20:04:22
Postat av: Anonym

I am from Ottawa..(Canada) You ? Sweden right ?

2011-05-02 @ 22:29:50
Postat av: Lana

anonymous: wow, didn't know I had a reader in Canada haha! Yeah, from Stockholm.. I think it's quite interesting that you think we have alot in common although we live in two different continents :)

2011-05-03 @ 19:32:18
Postat av: Anonym

haha true,but I guess we as humans have many things in common ..! I actually love Stockholom, I wanna visit soo bad.! Lana, I have a question..How much are friends important to you .. For example I love having friends but sometimes litlle fights happen and YOU wish you rather have no friendss .and you get to sensitive about it ..Does that happen to you ? I hope you dont think I am creepy ..but sometimes its better talking to a person you dont know ..:)

2011-05-03 @ 20:20:00
Postat av: Lana

anonymous: Friends are very important to me, but it's even more important to have REAL friends among all other "friends", and those are very hard to find. Sometimes it takes several years to see what kind of friend someone is, and if you really can trust that person. If you have real friends than little fights shouldn't matter so much, you'll find ways to get over little things. If those little fights happen often than maybe those friends aren't so good friends. I always say to myself to be with people that make me feel good and forget the others.

I really understand though, I also get very sensitive about stuff that seem "little" to others. But for me some "little things" can show "big things" about a person, if you know what I mean. A real friend wouldn't do even those little things that will hurt you in some way. Either you talk about it, our just realize that that person isn't the friend you thought she/he was. Sometimes when I've realized that about someone, I keep that person in a distance. I can still party and have fun with that person, but I don't spend much time alone or talk about important things, or trust that person as I do with my other close friends.

I never wish I rather have no friends when things happen, because when one friend shows its bad sides, I realize how good my other, REAL friends are.

No I don't think you're creepy, I understand. I feel kind of flattered that you asked me.

2011-05-04 @ 20:58:21
Postat av: Anonym

Thank you for taking your time and writing back :)Actually everything you said makes sense.! I think that I have few real friends and that is important .. But I guess I am just too sensitive ..When you have many friends you are trying to please everybody and you are trying everybody to like you ..with time and I guess as we get more mature things change and your views of friends change as well..!

Btw Lana,I am amazed by your english .. Its actually great .. Do you guys use English alot over in Sweden ?Do you have any plans for summer?

2011-05-05 @ 00:49:37
Postat av: Lana

anonymous: I'm too sensitive as well so I know what you mean. But you're completely right that things change with time!

Thanks! Haha I see many errors after posting, but as long as you understand me..! Swedes are generally good at English, we start learning it at an early age and we hear English everywhere, on tv, radio etc. Movies and tv-series aren't dubbed here.

This is the first year that I'm not sure about my summer plans, but I will probably visit Sarajevo (Bosnia & Hercegovina) and Croatia as usual! The rest is still unclear! :)

2011-05-10 @ 21:32:35

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