Question for you:

I think I'm fairly good at responding to your comments and questions, with maybe a few misses in recent times, therefore it is my turn to ask a simple question to you. What do you like to read about on my blog? About my days, views and thoughts? Or do you like more pictures, clothes or anything else? What do you want more of? It would be interesting to know what you think, and maybe get some inspiration. And don't be boring.

Postat av: Anonym

Guess what u should do ..You should make a video of yourself talking ..maybe u can say about ur day..or give make up or hair tutorial..That would be so interesting ! But I like everything on your blog.:) You're a nice girl ;)

2011-05-16 @ 00:07:26
Postat av: Anonym

well i think thats hard to say because i enjoy reading your blog, no matter what you`re writing about. but i think it would be quite cool to see some more of your clothes and maybe your room. but posts like the one about what`s in your purse were interesting too, because they show a bit of your everyday all in all just a bit more clothes/fashion, the rest is perfect :)

2011-05-16 @ 11:57:45

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