Tip: Nail Hardener

Since probably 99% of you are of the female sex, some of which might, just like me, care about something as worthless as nails, I can write about this too. In recent months, my nails have broken, split and cracked constantly. It may be common in winter, but I have always had long and strong nails all year round. My guess is that my brittle nails are the result of stress and vitamin deficiency. Anyway, the solution to my "problem": Mavala Nail Hardener + Miracle Nails. From being completely filed down and bursting as soon as they grow, to in a week grow out without the slightest trace of split! I am so fascinated by the results that I had to write a blog post about it. Thank you very much Mavala. Haha, I feel like one of them on TV Shop, "This has really changed my life, I'm not paid, I just want to share this with you". I can finally fix my nails, my life is so much better now!!!!


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