Art Week

This art week in school, the second and last of this year, we focused on sculpture, instead of drawing. IKEA sponsored our class with wooden chairs, and we were supposed to make them into something other than a chairs. Some sawed their chair into many pieces, some made experiments with their chairs, some did a little more "crazy" works of art, but most of it looked like chairs in the end anyway. I have never been much for woodwoek, but it has been fun to play around in the workshop and have a calmer week. I made ​​this flag-like sculpture of the chair's side parts, don't ask me what it is since I don't know myself, but I like that it's colorful. Typical me.

The chair to the right I thought was very clever made. He who made it had to saw each piece in half, make them hollow to make them lighter and fill other parts with iron for the chair to maintain balance.

Another classmate asked us all to smear our butts in different colors and make our mark on the chair. You see me on the second picture, wiping my aZzZ.

This was also very clever made! It works the same as Ikea's toy ​​"Sampo" (bottom left), when pushing the chair down it breaks into pieces and when released it stands up by itself!


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