Instagram - February

February began with lots of snow and minus degrees - and skating! I have to skate at least once a year. In school we got lots of minor tasks, like drawing our homes.

I managed to get sick for a week with constant fever and was unable to draw anymore hearts in the snow...

At school we made a visit to the city planning office and a Wednesday afternoon Bjarke Ingels lectured at KTH.

I laughed my ass off watching the stand-up comedians of RAW Comedy Club, and got beautiful roses from my boyfriend on Valentine's Day.

Lunch at school and... garlic bread with mozzarella balls! I don't know how many times I have eaten this the last month...

A picture of me during a walk in Uppsala and a picture of the most hyped, but oh so beautiful, nail polish colors for the moment, mint green and lavender. I just have to buy some matching clothes first, haha.

Art Week at school. I spent the most part of the time in the workshop or spraying room.

A picture of me and my love, and a picture of my other love: cookies! I have been obsessed with them for half a year now, my classmates are used to seeing several empty packets on my desk at school.

My sweet parents bought another book about architecture ("because education is important!") and now I feel like I have too see all the 1001 buildings. To the right is a picture of my classmates during Friday pub after school. Standard.


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