Instagram - January

Although I don't go anywhere without a camera in my bag, I take a lot pictures with my phone. Therefore, I thought, inspired by this blog, that I would publish some Instagram pictures from the last month. Some of you have already found me on Instagram I've noticed, but for everyone else who wants to follow me, my name is lanakarat.

At the beginning of the month, I said farewell to two of my girls who will be in Australia for a longer period. It was a farewell party and a farewell dinner with lots of people, lots of good food, lots of good byes and some inevitable tears.

I went shopping more than usual this month, especially for spring/summer clothes. The flowers I got from my boyfriend for our two years anniversary.

Like mother, like daughter - the normal pictures show how we appear to others while the retarded pictures show how we always are together. If people only knew... To the right is a picture from a night out in Uppsala.

A picture of me and a picture of one of the few lunches that were not from a lunch box.

Coffee and sweets kept me awake during the school days. To the right we have a picture of an outfit a la architect style (except that it's a gray polo instead of a black).

Me on my way to the university after a sleep in morning - hence the happy face. And a post-it that I found at home, written by my brother to my mother (don't take the car, it's slippery outside!), How cute is he who thinks of that? Sweetheart <3


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