And so it was my turn to get sick. I apparently don't have the super immune system that I like to imagine. Still, I wanted to play superwoman and go all the way to Uppsala last wednesday to watch RAW Comedy Club. The tickets were purchased a long time ago and I refused to miss it, despite the fever, and despite my mother's, aka the health police's, protest. Once there, I thought it was worth it. It was really fun and I laughed as much as my hurting throat would allow. There was a comedian from L.A. that almost killed me, he was hilarious, along with the others stand-up comedians.

However, it was the way home that made ​​me question whether it was worth it. I had to change train three times and got home a few hours later. I was tired, sick and cold, and irritated by a lot, such as drunk dudes. One of them poked me and asked if I had a fun night out. And I looked at him, thinking 1. Do. Not. Touch. Me. 2. Do I LOOK like I had a fun night out!? But all I said was, "I'm sick, okay?" which made him leave immediately. You should try it, all of you who want to get rid of people. Another FML moment is when you are in your worst possible condition and meet people you know. That, of course, also happened. Don't know when I had missed my bed that much, but I'm not getting out it now.


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