My sweet parents... Although they have Facebook, Youtube and Iphones, and they learn our slang words, they are still not always keeping up with our time. But they get an A for effort!

Me and mom discussing why Eurovision 2013 should be held in new Friends Arena:
Me: Kad ce ikad napuniti 67.000 mjesta ako ne s Evrovizijom??
(When are they ever gonna fill 67.000 if not with Eurovision??)
Mom: Ja ej, pa i da mi Tito dodje ne bi napunili to! 
(Exactly, they wouldn't fill it even if Tito would show up!)
Me: ... Jer svedi bi stvarno poletjeli da vide Tita... Dobar ti primjer... 
(... Yeah, because Swedes would just die to see Tito...  Great example...)
Confused dad looking at a clip from Summer Burst Festival with David Guetta playing:
Dad: ... A gdje je pjevac?
(... But where is the singer?)
Confused mother on Facebook:
Mom: Sta znaci ono "LOL"?
(What does "LOL" mean?)
Me: Laughing out loud, smijati se glasno, ali sad se vise upotrebljava kad je nesto ironicno.
(Laughing out loud, but now you often use it when something is ironic)
Mom: Kao sajk?
(Like psych?)
Me: Sajk je kad nekog prevaris.
(Psych is when you're fooing someone.)
Mom: Aha dobro, sad cu ti sajkati tatu i napisati LOL a on nece znati sta to znaci! LOL!
(Oh okey, now I'm gonna psych your dad and then write LOL and he won't know what it means! LOL!)  
Me: ...


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