Cheers to the Weekend

You can tell that summer and fun times are comming up. Parties, coffee breaks, "after work" drinks - there is more energy for everything. And now it's not long before the real fun begins. May Day, two concerts in May, the trip to Latvia in June and... summer, summer, summer. The one thing everyone is nagging about with a desperate longing. The only problem is that you have to finish your studies even though it's so much other things you'd rather do. The usual problem this time of the year...
Although I should be studying 24/7 now, I still have spent some time on my social life. Weekend is still weekend. Aside from from several birthday parties, I've also met my beloved girls (must do that before I go underground with the project). Sitting in the sun with Karin, five hours at a bar with Amela, listening to Ernas stories while on a car drive or taking a long walk with Natalie makes me overloaded with energy. It's also one of the main reasons that I'm longing for summer so much, I want to spend more quality time with my closest friends.

And now it's 99 days left to the U.S. Two-digit, YEY.


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