When life gets you wrapped up

Long time no see. I think. I have had very poor concept of time recently. When the weekends are just a blurr and some days are way too long, it's hard to keep track of what was two days ago and what was two weeks ago. Now, however, I can return to a non-stressful and more social life since the urban project finally is over! I can't say that it has been as stressful as usual because we were able to distribute the workload on three people, but just the fact that we for the first time are working on a project in a group can be energy-consuming since you have to compromise, check every decision with the group, keep track of what the others do, adjust your time and so on. But it has, however, gone well and yesterday we had criticism and a project-is-over-celebration afterwards. I will post the project later when I changed some details and adapted the layout a bit more after my own style.


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