Riga, here we come!

Tomorrow it's FINALLY time for the trip that I have been waiting for since the drawing of lots! A boat full of Bosnians will arrive to Riga where we'll meet Latvia in World Cup qualifiers. Jasmin and I were actually in Riga two years ago, who would have thought that we would go there again so soon? I guess it will be just like in Estonia in 2009, or in Paris in 2011, when it was an invasion of blue, yellow and white all over the city. The boat leaves tomorrow and the party starts as soon as we step on the boat, and hopefully keeps on going for three days (please God, let us win). The difference from when we went to Estonia is that it's much more organized with artists and DJ's, and I don't know yet if it's better or too much for a supporter journey, it remains to be seen. For me it would be enough to put on a CD with some "Bosnom behar probeharao" and "Zivot je bosna" to get in the right mood. I'm so psyched!! IDEMOOO!


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