Universal Studios Hollywood

A visit to Universal Studios is a must when you're in Hollywood! It is both an amusement park and a huge film studio where all sorts of movies and series have been filmed. Since this is one of Los Angeles's most visited attractions, you should get here as early as possible in the morning.

The first thing we did was to take the Studio Tour that which takes you around all studios and environments where various scenes has been filmed. The different environments are everything from city to the Wild West, European village and jungle. In all cars there are screens where you can hear the guide talk while they show clips from movies where these different environments have been used. It really looks different in the movies!

We made several stops where we got to experience some really cool stuff, like when we wen into this tunnel with 3D glasses, while a huge cinema screen that went all the way around us showed how king kong and dinosaurs attacked us, and the ground beneath moved so that everything felt so real. When the car "fell" from a cliff in the jungle, it really felt like we fell. Oh, it's hard to explain but it was so awesome!!! You must experience it yourselves! We also went into a fake subway station with an earthquake simulator, where the ground collapsed and a truck fell down next to us, a train crashed in front of us and the station was flooded by water. Hollywood...

In addition to that, we saw a lot of other environments from, for example, Desperate Housewives, Jurassic Park, The Grinch, and even this plane crash. They bought an entire aircraft, and spent even more money on destroying it, in order to film one scene. It's incredible how they build entire environments for single scenes and then demolish them to build new ones. Can you imagine how much money there is in the movie industry?

After the Studio Tour, which lasted about an hour, we took the Simpsons ride, which was also super cool! It's also very difficult to explain in words, you simple have to experience it. Beware of the longest queue ever, though. We were there early and even then we stood in line for an hour for a ride that lasted for not more than ten minutes.

On the lower section of the park we found, among else, the Mummy ride and yet another Jurassic Park setting with a typical water attraction where you can expect to get wet, especially if your name is Jasmin and you sit at the far end. My butt got so wet that I had to go into the restroom afterwards and bend over in front of the hand dryer to dry my shorts while people laughed at me. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to.

We went to the Flintstones to eat... That moment when you get a half chicken and the largest potato you've ever seen on a plate...

We also saw some shows about moviemaking, including Waterworld with a lot of explosions, burning stuntmen, etc. Here you can also expect to get wet if you sit at the front in the audience.

Our little crew, happy and satisfyed!


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