Golden Gate Bridge

The best experience in San Francisco was to bike along the coast and across the mighty Golden Gate. We rented bikes at Fisherman's Wharf and rode along harbors, parks and beaches until we arrived to the bridge. We got a map with suggested bike routes so it wasn't hard to find, we just went ahead and enjoyed the ride. And stopped all the time to take new photos the closer we got to the bridge.

The bridge is 2150 meters long so cycling is preferable, rather than walking, but in any case it's a great experience because it is so much bigger and cooler in real life than you'd imagined. You've seen it so many times in the media and suddenly you're biking across one of the world's most famous landmarks.

Once across the bridge, there is a lookout point just to the right where most people stop to take pictures. We were not satisfied with that, though, since we, thanks to my Google-research, knew that we could get up to the Marin Headlands for an even more amazing view. To get up there, however, was not easy. The bike path ended and for some parts of the road we had to go out in the terrifying U.S. traffic, it got really scary a couple of times...

...Not to mention the uphill. I gave up after a few meters, and dragged the bike the rest of the way up while I cried "wait ... wait ..." like a fat kiddo /the girl who made a generous donation to Fitness24 by buying a gym membership but not going to the gym for six months.

But it was so worth it! The view was amazing and we stayed up there a long time and just enjoyed everything... and gambled with life by taking a lot of acrobatic pictures near the cliff... Until we got very hungry. Note to self: Never forget food.
Since we stayed up there for a while we had time to see the famous fog slowly sweep over the city. Half of the bridge and the city just disappears in the fog! Coming from the other side at the time, that is, from San Francisco, you don't even see that there is a bridge there. The interesting thing was that it was still sunny and hot on this side.

That might explains all the summer houses on this side. The hills protect this area from wind and it was probably ten degrees warmer here than in San Francisco. A very nice little place! We biked to the small town center and took the ferry back to San Francisco - really apt since we would never ever have made it the whole way back on bikes.


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