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Life goes on as usual,
there's been a lot of work with the project and other things, it's cold outside, and so on. Whatever, I'll go straight to the point - I'M TRAVELLING AGAIN! In late February, I'm going on a study trip to Hong Kong for ten days! HONG f-ing KONG! Can hardly believe it's true, I'm so happy! And, as if that is not enough, me and my boyfriend are going on a weekend trip to Barcelona next weekend!!! I actually booked that trip back in September and it was supposed to be a surprise for him which he would get only a few hours before departure. I planned everything in detail, how I would reveal it to him and how I would have his bag packed, just to screw up and accidentally reveal the trip a month in advance. I was so mad at myself that I started to cry as a child (pms), haha. He was happy, though! And when I got passed the fact that I ruined the surprise, I went back to being happy myself. You probably know by now how much I love to travel, I feel like the happiest person in the world right now!
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