A walk through Central Park

All cities should have their own Central Park. End of story. The park is huge, you can walk through it for hours, and it has everything from sports fields to woods and lakes. It is also incredibly well-cared. It feels like Manhattan residents are taking a vacation from the city here, in the middle of the city. I think they would have gone mad without this park, everyone should have some access to nature for their health's sake. And while you can barely hear the the stressful city sounds you can still see the tall buildings around it, as a kind of security.
Do you recognize the restaurant where Carrie and Mr. Big fell in the water? Of course you do. Right next to it we thought of taking a rowing boat until we saw the ridiculously long queue. I don't know if it's because of it being a weekend, but we're talking several hours of queuing. No thanks.

We also walked around in Upper East Side, the land of Gossip Girl. Here, I would use the word ridiculous for how many expensive brand shops there is, like the people here just stops by on the way home from work to buy a $2000 bag. While I'm singing 50 Cent's "Window Shopper"...


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