Tickets on the wall

As I have told you earlier, I have a need to save and document everything (maybe that's why I still have a blog after 6 years!). I also have a box at home where I save everything from postcards and letters to pictures and tickets. For me, tickets have a special value that a photo doesn't, because even if the photo is a capture of a moment, the ticket has been in my hand at that particular time and place. Moreover, on the ticket there's usually a date, time and venue. As a gift for my boyfriend, I collected many of our tickets, everything from the train ticket that I had when I went to him for the first time, in 2009, to concert tickets, match tickets, museum tickets and other train tickets from all of the many cities we visited together. It was very appreciated. However, I'm counting on that it will hang on our shared wall one day, otherwise it would have been harder to give away these very valuable small pieces of paper.


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