Yesterday I turned 22! After spending almost the whole day in Uppsala (the location of my project) I went home and celebrated with my family and boyfriend. Great day with a great mood, just like every year! It also felt like the first real day of spring which was absolutely wonderful. Less wonderful was that I was not prepared for the POLLEN SHOCK! At first I couldn't figure out if it was the allergy or the cold I have suffered from this week, but by the evening I had difficulty breathing and could barely look through my red watery eyes which revealed that my dear enemy is back in the air.

As a result, I made my first accomplishment as a 22-year-old this morning - drugging myself to sleep. I accidently took a strong sleeping pill instead of my allergic pill (I know, HOW?) and I realized my mistake as soon as I had swallowed it. It's now clear to me that I can't force vomiting after I tried in every way. I even tried to hang upside down with my boyfriend holding my legs while I pressed my fingers in my throat, but no. I only provoked tears and sat on the bathroom floor crying/laughing because I really didn't want to fall asleep since I had so much to do today. The whole situation was very comical and my brother stood beside us, laughing, and repeated how screwed I am.

It ended with me sleeping the whole day. Tomorrow, I'm supposed to present how far I have come with this project since we came home from Hong Kong. Feels like a joke after I have been suffering from food poisoning, cold, pollen allergy and then drugged myself to sleep for a whole day. Wish me good luck!


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