Flooding in BiH

The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina was bad before, now it's catastrophic. Flooding in the country and the rest of the Balkans has destroyed buildings, roads, bridges, knocked out electricity and some people have drowned. Help is needed. The best I've found through social media so far is to donate to Djeca Djeci, but you're welcome to come with other suggestions of organizations and initiatives undertaken to help the victims. Since many of us are going to Bosnia soon it would be helpful with info about what can be done on site too, no matter how long you're there. Where do you turn to help?

UPDATE: APU Network och föreningen Neretva has started a fundraiser where you can text your contribution or donate via credit card on this page: http://foreningsinsamling.se/fundraisers/hjalpbosnien/

You can also support the Red Cross that are in place in Bosnia and Serbia, text AKUT to 72900 to donate 50 SEK.
Våra Barn has done a wonderful job of collecting supplies to send down to Bosnia. You can donate money at their website: http://stiftelsenvarabarn.se/ and visit their FB page for information about what happens with the supplies and fundraising.



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