Even more architecture

How do I manage to fall behind the schedule after three school days? I don't know if I should laugh or just feel sorry for myself. Tomorrow I must finish two models because we have the presentation on Friday. Therefore, I must go to school an hour earlier tomorrow, and probably stay afterwards just like yesterday and today. I will probably be one of those who sleep there. The second year students wasn't kidding when they said that the school becomes one's home. Today I was in school to six o'clock and didn't get home until ten because of the student union's theatre afterwards. Huh. Expect less updates for a couple of days.

This is the first model I made, when we was supposed to be inspired by and interpret the lines of the object we got. It was an eternity work with the wire, but I liked the heart of the mirror effect. In the second picture you see my "object", the fresh duck skull...
I know that my nagging about architecture is uninteresting to many, but architecture and everything else about the school is what my life revolves around right now. Feel free to wish other things, then I might have more to update about later.

Bajram Serif Mubarek Olsun

Bajram Serif Mubarek Olsun to all you who celebrate, I hope you had a good day! I have spent most of my day in the architecture school. I left school at half past five, and believe it or not, I didn't mind. Although it was late, although it's bajram and although it was raining when I went home, I felt so happy and pleased when I walked out from school. Spending my days being creative, drawing, building, making and then see the results of what I have created, even if it's something small, is so satisfying. I love it.
After school I went to Grandma's where the family celebrated Bajram with a lot of food, as usual. I slipped into a food coma afterwards, as usual. Now I'm very tired, it's bedtime. Who knows, maybe I do change my sleeping rutine after all.

Semester starting

I have complained about being tired for a while now and I have realized something. I just have get used to it. Bags under my eyes, yawning every two seconds and headaches is what I will have to live with for a while, that is if I don't manage to do a mega-change in my sleeping habits, but after three years of trying in upper secondary school it feels kind of distant that I will ever wake up fresh and alert at seven o'clock in the morning. Bags under my eyes it is.

The first weeks will be very intensive, we will have a task to do each day. The first have to be done by tomorrow. I will not go into details but we all have received an item that we are supposed to analyze and then interpret in a model. The group was given everything from puzzles to sponges. I got a duck skull, I think. It is (was) something birdy anyway. Of course I'll get something like that... No, I wasn't grossed out when I realized what I was holding, not at all...

Sunday sunset


On days like these I feel that 24 hours is not enough for one day. Not if you want to have enough sleep. However, I think I've become good at using the time wisely to keep up with all the little things, such as painting my nails and doing my makeup on the subway, sewing my torn dress at work and writing blog entries on the phone (which unfortunately never got posted). That's how good I am.
Now on to my weekend story: On Friday night I went out. The night was a bit forced on my part, but worth it because I got to hang out with the girls. Elias had a farewell event, so we met a lot of people from our old school that I haven't seen since the gradution! The day after I worked. And also quitted my job. After work it was time for dinner and party at school for all the new architecture student with a Casanova-theme, which was really nice. I'm so glad I ended up in a class with many nice people. I really appreciate the reception weeks, it feels good to start studying with people I now know and enjoy being with!
When I got home after the party I felt like passing out, I don't know if it was from fatigue or from wearing a too tight dress... This morning I left home again to spend the day in Uppsala. I must say that I have missed my room, it feels like the only thing I do is coming home, sleeping, and going away again in the morning. But I won't complain, I know that this period will end soon. After two intensive weeks, that ended with an intense weekend, school starts for real tomorrow. Would have been good with a week's rest before... Just a little suggestion to the school...


The first task is completed! After planning and building a model this week, it was now time for the presentation and to build the structure in real scale. From the material each group was given we had to build tents/houses to stay the night in. Today most of us got to experience that everything does not quite go as planned. Good thing I'm not going to be a construction worker, others are welcome to build what I design. Anyway, we solved our problems and eventually we had a complete tent, watertight if anything! If it had been warmer I would have stayed the whole evening to hang out, but since I didn't want to sleep there, I went home earlier. Camping is not my thing, I figured that out many years ago...
I'm exhausted after today (how weak can you get?) so now I'm going to bed early for once.

Sunshiny day

After a short visit to school we went to Slussen to visit Tengbom architects. Once again we got useful information and a good lunch buffet, then I met up with Jasmin and spent the rest of my day with him.

Get your own pictures, get your own facebook, and oh... get a life.

Can someone please explain to me what kind of sick satisfaction you get from pretending to be someone else or to ruin it for someone else? Like when a person took my pictures and name and created a fake profile on Facebook, what do you get out of it besides being incredibly annoying?? Now there's an Amina Resic who puts my photos as her profile pictures on Facebook and I try again to understand what people gain from it. Does she want others to believe that she is the one on those pictures? Does she want to be appreciated for it? How can somebody feel good to be appreciated for something that is not your own?
But okay, fine, I can live with that some people are stupid and have fake profile picture, however, what I don't want to live with is that I get reported and notified like I have a false profile and I have to struggle to log in to my own, real, account. Are you freakin 'kidding me!? I don't know if she is the one who reported me back, or if there's another funny dude who think it's fun to mess around, but I just can't understand what people get out of it. You can't feel good about yourselves.

More architecture

We started the day working with our first group assignment. It was much pottering around the model building and there was finally some life in our ugly work room. It was also a big mess, I can only imagine how it will look like in a few months. In the afternoon we went to Sweco's office where we were invited to dinner and listened to lectures about the company, profession, their projects, etc. Tomorrow we will visit another architect's office. I'm glad we can make these visits, and that we during these reception weeks have been able to see and hear a lot about what we actually will be doing in the future. Besides that I get much inspiration, I also realize that I really am studying for my dream job.


On the way to school this morning I took the impulsive decision to go to my boyfriend in Uppsala instead. It felt like it was more worth it, no matter what activities I missed in school today, and I knew it was worth it as soon as I saw his newly awaked and shocked face when he opened the door. We spent the day cuddling at home, shopping, eating and went to the movies again because I have a lot of movie tickets lying around at home. It was a perfect day, the only bad thing was the rain. I don't know what weather it was in Stockholm today, but the forecast showed sunny and 20 degrees when I decided to put on my low, fabric shoes. Big mistake, ended up walking around with plastic bags around my feet.

I love when there is a lot going on, I secretly love the stress, even if I say that I hate it, but right now I feel like having a little less going on. Something shows up on every free moment that I think I have. I even forgot that I need to work on Saturday. Damn. I will be so tired on Sunday and after the weekend the school starts for real. I miss summer vacation already.

Tvoje su oci boje ranog proljeca

It's always wonderful to meet again after missing each other for a long time, although I'd rather live without the missing. My boyfriend and I have enjoyed each other's company throughout the whole day. In the evening we went into town to go to the movies. We ended our childhood by seeing the last Harry Potter movie. Can you imagine that I was nine years old when I saw the first film in the cinema...
This weekend has gone by way too fast, but I console myself with thinking that there's still a week left of the reception!

Honey, you're home

Finally he's home! My love, a.k.a. Stupido due to lack of intelligence when he made ​​the decision to be without me for a month, will come over directly and spend all day with me. We have really missed each other!

I've got the moves like Jagger

Nice evening yesterday, however a later night than I wanted it to be. When I finally realized that I should move back home, it took forever to get home due to lack of subway and bus. That was less nice, especially in the rain. Today I have catched up for all the lost sleep. Today we also celebrated dad's birthday. Congratulations dad!

Baby don't you stop it

I forgot what it's like to be tired all day. I didn't sleep very well last night which resulted in a headache all day that just got worse and worse. Therefore I didn't care to remain in school until the evening even if it would have been fun to hang in our school's pub. Now I have slept for a while and I'm going out anyway, but with the girls instead!


It's getting more and more fun and interesting every day, and every day I get to meet more and more friendly and social people! Yesterday we had lectures and field trips to different places, dinner and party in the evening. Again a long, but fun, day!
However, I chose to skip today's activities, I needed sleep and I needed some own time. These reception weeks is luckily optional. Instead I spent a large part of the day with Karin, Monday's catch-up was not enough for everything we had to talk about. Tomorrow another long day awaits at the Royal Institute of Technology.
I forgot the memory card for my camera yesterday, so these pictures taken with my phone will have to do for now.


I'm so tired. After only two days. These two days have certainly been filled with many activities and many new things to absorb, and not to forget, the change of sleeping habits. I came home from our first party a while ago. It was very nice and I look forward to a little crazier nights which hopefully will come. Much more awaits. I just don't know how I will manage to wake up every morning...


It felt so wonderful to finally hang out with the girls again. We celebrated their homecoming and my first day at the Royal Institute of Technology with a glass of wine at Snaps. It's damn hard to go a whole summer without the girls, there is a risk that my head explodes by keeping too much to myself. Unfortunately, the group of girls were not complete but it will hopefully be more opportunities for that soon!

First day

I am so full of impressions after just one day at the School of Architecture! After the roll call this morning we had lectures, tours of the school and a opportunity to get to know those in one's own group. There seems to be some nice people in my group! The schedule for these two reception week is crazy full, from morning to night (and to morning again for several times). This weekend between these two weeks are also full. Dad's birthday is comming up, Jasmin returns home and I finally have my beloved girls in Sweden, they got home today! I have not seen them in almost two months(!) so I'm going out with them already tonight. I'm about to burst!

Get ready

Can you realize that it is my first day at the Royal Institute of Technology on Monday? I can't. Where did the summer disappear? I recently graduated and now it's already time to head off to the School of Architecture. Honestly I don't know what to feel or expect. Of course it is exciting, but I have not been that excited because I'm still not sure if I really want to study this year, I had almost decided to take a break and work this year. It was, however, harder than I thought to decline when I got saw that I got in... Anyway, I won't lose anything if I give it a try, I can always drop out if I feel like it and apply again in a year. We'll see how it turns out!

Cozy evening

We had a really cozy evening yesterday after a long day in town. The evening reminded a lot about the millions of nights in primary school. It's a little fascinating that we always had so much to talk about every day even though we spent every awake moment (and non-awake, given all the sleepovers) together. We did, however, come to the conclusion that a good friend isn't just someone you always have a lot to talk about with, but someone who you can sit quietly by without noticing the silence.

Croatia - part 2

Shopping assistant

Today I once again had to be my brother's shopping assistant, he grows out of all his clothes in just a few months. I love to be a shopping helper for my brother or boyfriend, it's fun with shopping, fun with men's clothing and fun that I can influence (decide) what they will wear. It's a win-win-win situation. He was happy anyway.
Now I am very tired after a full day of errands and running around town. Bedtime.

Miss you stupido

I have to take back what I wrote about my boyfriend a few days ago, because just hours after I published the post I got flowers delivered, sent from "Stupid". He is lucky that I'm such a sucker for romantic gestures like this. However, it doesn't change the fact that he is stupid because he is not here, but I can't love him less because of it!

Croatia - part 1

Iphone nerds

Me and mom are the biggest iPhone geeks I know.

On second thought, we are the two biggest geeks I know at all.



My boyfriend is a fool. Jazzy, here's a post for you. I don't think it's enough that I'm telling you, texting you or writing it on Facebook, I also like the public to know that you are one stupid ass boyfriend who won't get home until 20th August and that you are letting me be alone in Sweden without you, more than we've ever been without each other. I love you a little less now. I almost want to go and see the last Harry Potter movie without you just to mess with you.

I don't miss you at all, stupid.


Everything is finally unpacked and back in its place. I know, I'm very slow, but I avoid it if it's possible. It's so nice not having my life in a suitcase anymore. I've packed a lot because of all moving, from Sweden to Jasmin's apartment in Sarajevo, to my cousins ​​in Sarajevo, to Makarska in Croatia a few days, to the apartment me and Jasmin rented in Tucepi, to the place where my family lived in Tucepi, and finally back to Sweden. So I have packed that damn suitcase six times, and I hate to pack.

Why does my boyfriend meet all my readers?
I don't know how many times so far he has said hello to me from readers he has met in Sarajevo or in Croatia. It's unfair, I want to see who you are and how you look. I met one girl in Sarajevo, which actually was kind of funny because she lives there, while Jasmin meets one group of girls after another who recognize him from my blog...

Yesterday me and mom went on our first shopping trip after the vacation.
I was ready to clear my account, but as usual, when I for once have money I don't have any flow. I know I've had a successful shopping if my arm feel sore after holding all bags (or I know I have useless arm muscles) and I have no soreness today. What a disappointment.


It was a damn lot of photos to sort and look through. Some mobile images will have to do for now. Tonight I'll meet with Natalie, who is the first person I meet after the vacation every year since we got to know each other. Tradition is tradition. We will find a open-air café and talk until our mouths go dry, as usual.

I'm back!

I'm home again after a long and wonderful holiday. I sold my ticket and stayed for an extra week in Croatia, therefore I didn't get home until yesterday. I don't know where to start, if I should write about my summer, or that I've missed the blog or about how wonderful it is to sit in my own room again at my own computer. I both hate and love the days after returning home. It's hard to get back to reality after being totally disconnected from this world for over a month. Facebook gives me anxiety, the fact that the end of summer is near gives me anxiety, not knowing what new clothes there is at H&M and Zara gives me anxiety. However, I love to come home and meet friends, love the late summer, love the first shopping after the holiday and to be tan and fresh.

I have enjoyed this summer as much as possible. I have met new people, partied and had fun, but also rested much. Unfortunately, I was a bit unlucky this time which didn't make the vacation as perfect as it can be. I got sick the last days in Sarajevo, probably by food poisoning. It was a horrible experience, having 39-degree fever in 39 degrees Bosnia. It was also a horrible experience to visit the hospital there. I couldn't eat without suffering an excruciating pain. I got a stomach ache when I swallow my own saliva, that's how bad it was. For the first time in my life I cried from hunger, the only thing I managed to eat was half a packet biscuits in three days. Never want to see a pack of biscuits again.
We were also unlucky with the weather in Croatia. We got there in a rainy period after a period of record heat (that record heat I had to put up with in Sarajevo) and the weather alternated between rain, lightning and thunder, sun and heat, and even more rain. I feel like we had a total of five full days of sun there.

Anyway, apart from these mishaps, I've had a wonderful summer, and if looking at it on the bright side you can say that my illness made me appreciate my healthy me and food like never before. The bad weather made me enjoy and take advantage of every minute of the nice weather. I had a wonderful time in Croatia with boyfriend and family, for the first time it wasn't enough with two weeks there. I want more. However, it's nice to be home and now I have to unpack and post a lot of pictures!

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