Je m'ennuie de Paris


I've updated my wardrobe with floral garments. It may be January but I might as well start preparing for the summer, that way I only have more to look forward to. The yellow tunic, however, is not something I bought, it is still on the wish list.


Newsflash: I have been at the gym. It is a sensational happening for a untrained person like me. Yesterday I went with my brother and boyfriend to Flex where we spent a couple of hours. I ran five kilometers on the running machine. I don't remember the last time I ran that much, or if I ever have? Today I walked around proud of my hard muscle fever, which I told everyone about. The best part is that I now feel a great urge to train again, which is also something new!

I really have to change my sleeping habits. The last two nights are the first in a long time that I got to sleep properly. I notice how much better I feel after enough sleep and exercise. I must start taking care of myself better. But I have promised myself that many times...


What a lovely Sunday! The sun really gives me great energy. Today I went to Uppsala, where we started the day with a winter walk. After that we went to Jasmin for movietime with hot chocolate and his mother's bajadera... love it.

New computer

I've got a new computer! It was about time, my old computer is really dying. It held out as my technical boyfriend for over three years and I have a love/hate relationship to it which is a bit difficult to let go. But I am very happy with the new!
Thanks Mom and Dad!

Ice skating

My boyfriend met up with me after a rather busy day at work. We went to Kungsan to eat and ice skate, just as we would have done last week. It seemed like a replay of last year's ice skating, except that we now carry a year of experiences and memories together. Wonderful evening!

Off to work

Off to work now. I will try to not fall asleep behind the desk. I will meet Jasmin afterwards. I will update more tonight.

So much for my effort

The day did not start well. This morning I hated myself a little. I studied all day yesterday after school, read until my eyes bled. For once I had a lot done and was also fully prepared for the oral presentation I was going to hold this morning. But thanks to the immunity I have developed against alarm clocks, I managed to oversleep. And I have two alarmclocks by the way, but for no use. Instead, I woke up late, with a headache because of too little sleep (and probably because of the excruciating sound I heard in my sleep), and a terrible cough. When I realized I would not make it to class, I went to bed again because I thought I was getting sick.
Now I feel better. I'm sitting with my new drug, chocolate coffee, and have to spend another night studying. I look forward to complete the two essays I have left, then I'm off the hook for a while and can start living again.


This weekend has gone by incredibly fast. After work on Saturday I went with the girls to a party. Apart from the pre parties, I have probably not been at a party at somebodys home since I turned 18. I've actually missed it, I had great fun. The next morning I felt a bit ill, but got better when Jasmin came. To honor our anniversery we had planned to go iceskating, just as we did last year, but the rainy weather forced us to stay home instead.

Today we had a much-needed study day. Besides sleeping half the day away, Karin was here so we could work with our project. We got a bit done, but it was of course more talking than working. But I don't mind, to be with Karin's like therapy for me.

One year with you

Yesterday we celebrated one year together. It has been year with lots of love, joy and wonderful moments,
a year where I have been a very happy girlfriend. I love you.


Today the focus was on my future plans. My success in the English C-course brought me hope that I still can manage to enter the architectural program with only high grades. Since it is the course I'm most unsure about, I realized that there is a good chance for me to get MVG in all courses this last year. I went to the counselor and guess what I found out? I do not even need a MVG in English, I can count the points from the MVG in native language and maintain credit scores from the English language (all of you who have the ability to read native language in upper secondary school, do it!). I do not know if I should laugh because I worried about the English course, or laugh at the fact that there's a risk that my only VG from last year ruins it for me. It would be better to have several VGs and not enter the program than to have one fucking VG and not get in. At the SACO-fair a woman said to me that I will need 22.5, full score, because the architectural program is so popular. On the website it says that this year's admissions was 22.0. Did she try to destroy my hopes or what? I will pray for the admission limit to not raise to 22.5 and hope for MVG in the courses that are left. Imagine how wonderful to enter thanks to the grades instead of struggling with the architectural test or the Scholastic Aptitude Test ... No matter what, I will enter the architectural program at KTH. Not in Lund, Umeå or Gothenburg, but here in Stockholm.

He makes me feel like I'm the only girl in the world

Maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year

First day of school after Christmas break. Next week the spring semester begins, the last in upper secondary school. I really have to enjoy this time that is left before graduation. Right now, however, I would like this week to end as soon as possible, I really have a lot to do. I have not had a particularly good start in January. It's usually not my month... but it's gonna be my year.

Bowling and coffee time

Last Friday Jasmin and I went to Heron City with Hanna and Anton. Unlike the last time I went bowling, I was very good this time, I won my boyfriend in both series! It felt good because we are both equally competitive. Hanna and Anton were acting all cute while me and Jasmin was fighting haha. Afterwards we went to a café.

Under construction

As you can see, I changed the blog design a bit. However, there are a lot more to fix, including links that do not lead anywhere yet, header and other small details that still requires a lot of fiddling with codes. But it feels good with change. I just hope it looks the same in all browsers, let me know if it looks strange to you!

About me

As shown in the name of the blog, my name is Lana Karat. I was born March 12, 1992 in Banja Luka, the second largest city in Bosnia. My family fled the war eight months later and has lived in Stockholm since then. My origin means a lot to me and I have, like many other immigrants, grown up with two cultures. It was not always the easiest in my younger days, but I am proud to be Bosnian, and I'm glad I live in a country like Sweden, it has made me who I am and I've realized that I get the best of both worlds.

I'm a person who loves life. I feel really lucky for everything I have. I see myself as a person with good self-esteem and confidence, and I have my parents to thank for that, they have showered me with love and encouragement since day one. Love and intimacy is something I have never lacked neither from family nor friends.
The older and more mature I've become, the stronger I am as a person. I know what I'm worth, and I don't let anyone disparage me or stop me from being happy. I stand up for myself and I believe that the best friend you can have is yourself.

Otherwise, I am a person who loves to have fun and hang out with people I like, and also meet new people. I love to laugh and enjoy life. At parties I am the one that will be on the dancefloor all night, by myself if necessary, and dance the hell out of me. I can talk for ages and I am not afraid to be silly and a bit psycho sometimes. However, I believe that most people who do not know me see me as a pretty calm person. I'm not the type who is the most loudmouthed in a room and do not want to appear like someone with excessive behavior with people I don't know. I rarely argue and don't get upset over things that I think is unnecessary.
However, I can be very stubborn in certain other situations. For example, I have very hard to give up in discussions when I believe I'm right, which I always do when I go into them. If I for some reason have decided to not speak with or call a certain person, I really won't, regardless of how much I may want. And when I really want something I struggle stubbornly until I get what I want.
"You create your happiness" and "It is what you make it" are two expressions I live by.

About my family, friends, school, what I like and dislike, I will get to later on the list and will therefore skip that now. I have many other things to tell about myself but this will due for now. This tells you at least a little about me, but I believe that you really need to get to know someone before you can get a reasonably correct perception of that person.

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