Concrete Awards

The Concrete
Awards was about as nerdy as we imagined! Mostly I didn't know if I should laugh or be fascinated about that there is so much to say about this industry. But since we were a bunch of twenty people, we had fairly fun, for the most part we all went searching for drink tickets. Poor students and free drinks are the best combination. I didn't follow the rest out afterwards so I got home by midnight. I have to have energy for party tonight and tomorrow night, and school this weekend. I'm slowly beginning to realize that I am over my head with my project...


From barely having done anything these days, except wrinkle up sketches and throw them in the trash, to having a long, hectic day of field trips, teacher guidance and information session with new requirements and instructions to keep in mind. Among other things, we learned that the deadline for the project is earlier than we all thought. Less time is exactly what I needed, thanks!! After idea sketch number 4526, I finally decided on what to do, which was about time, the frustration was really growing. However, it's nice to you're, as usual, never alone with your troubles. We were once again a bunch left in the drawing rooms in the evening, some of us so dizzy and tired that we couldn't do anything but sit and laugh at everything and everyone - a sign that you should go home.

I will have to sacrifice my free time entirely until the project is completed. But not quite yet. Tomorrow night, we'll go at the Concrete Gala at the Grand Hotel. Yeah, you heard me, concrete! It sounded too ridiculous to not go to. We hope to get goodie bags with concrete, it can be useful to our models. We will anyway "pre-party" in our working room in school! Friday night will also be spent with the class people at a birthday party. Then I'll probably have to spend Saturday and Sunday in school...But rather than writing exams!

Crash into me at full speed, we can collide

It's not easy to be creative when the mind is completely still, therefore I went home from school a couple hours earlier today. Otherwise I would have just been sitting by the desk playing Wordfeud (I know you nerds also play it, challenge lanakarat ). I've basically spent the rest of the day lying in bed and listening to music, and found that I am extremely eager to go out and dance. Yesterday I thought that I was satisfied by being home with my books and feeling like Martha 60+, but I obviously have "ants in my pants". This weekend there will be some partying, I hope.


"Students at the School of Architecture feel bad"

This certainly came as a surprise. At least for me, I've only gone in the school for a few weeks and have not experienced anything negative yet. "There are several examples of students who started to cry during the critique sessions where they received very harsh criticism of the guest teachers." Yeah... This came just in time before our first criticism next week, haha! I think it will be fine anyway, but it is obviously worrying that there are students, even if it is a small part, that feels this way.

Everything is fine

Wonderful day, wonderful weekend. Life is wonderful. I spend my days at school, I eat lunch and drink coffee with new and old friends, I spend time with my boyfriend during spare time and I am enjoying the autumn. That's what's going on in my life. It's very good I must say.

The photos were taken during today's walk in Uppsala, where I spent both Friday night and Saturday. I just have to express my delight over my newly purchased leather jacket! I wanted it for a long time but thought it was too expensive for my wallet... until I found it on sale for half the price. Lucky me!


Since all school work is done in school, I rarely have to study when I get home, which means I have time for reading instead. Today I took the opportunity to buy some new books. I will probably never be able to enjoy a movie as I enjoy a book, I can become obsessed until I finish it, if the book is good of course. I will probably spend whole Sunday reading if nobody gets me out of the apartment.


Left school at nine o'clock today. In the evening, that is. It is my record so far, but there will probably be sleepovers at school when we have major projects. I can comfort myself with the fact that I'm not alone! We are always a bunch that stays overtime, some of us are more ambitious (read: slower) than others. Our workroom is catastrophic after only a few weeks, you have to climb over all the waste on the floor in to get by. The last two days we have also worked with gypsum, in other words, it looks like someone has walked around and poured flour all over the place. My hands are also a mess. They are full of smudges and ink that can't be washed away, just like they were when I was younger and colored pencils were my best friends. Neither can I wash away the super glue on my fingers. Superglue is nothing to play with, I have noticed. The best part was when I read the warning text out loud and said "Haha, how the hell do you get it in your eyes!? Those who manage to get it in the eye shouldn't even get to touch the bottle." Next thing I know my mascara is running down my cheeks and I have to run to the toilet to rinse out. But I survived a little glue in the eye. I don't mind my messy hands either, they remind me that I'm spending my days creating something with my own hands. Architecture rocks.

Off to school

Back to school after a well-needed weekend. A weekend without work, party, studies or illness, a weekend that I spent taking it easy with my loved ones, and also doing some smart things like cleaning and exercising. Yes, it's true.

I have a lot to do this week, I'll probably have to say goodbye to my home because it will be late nights in school... Not tonight, however, my dear mother has booked a full body massage for us. That, if anything, is well-needed!

In the light of sun

Lovely Friday evening with dinner, picnic in the sunset, movies and extra love in honour of our 20th month anniversary.


This week hasn't started quite as good as the past few weeks, I've been feeling unmotivated, uninspired, unmindful and everything else with 'un'. I spoke good about September but forgot how tough it is to wake up to gray darkness outside. Fortunately, the hardest thing is actually to get out of bed and go home after a long day, but when I'm in school, when I meet my dear classmates and get to work with things I love, it feels much better. Studying is so much easier when you love school. However, fun in school or not, weekends are always appreciated and I'm glad it's already Friday tomorrow!

Amela's blog

To all of you who want to be inspired, or simply enjoy some pictures from Chicago, make a visit to Amela's blog where she writes about her life as an intern at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. I hope she has a just as wonderful time in the future as she has now! If I had more money I would already crash her place...

Who's gonna save the world tonight

What a weekend. Up and down, down and up, over in a second. After work on Saturday Agnes had her birthday dinner. Since I was tired after a week of late days I planned to go home after dinner, but changed my mind pretty quickly and went with the whole gang of about 15 people to Ambassadeur. Happy I did that, I had a really fun night! The best, and sweatiest, night out in a long time. A lot of people, a lot of dancing, a lot of sweat. Came home at four o'clock, next thing I know I was awakened by the alarm clock to defy my own nature and travel to Uppsala though every cell in my body was begging for rest. I should have listened to the poor cells as the day ended in an outburst of tears because of my tiredness, probably in combination with some kind of hormone imbalance. My dear boyfriend put me on the next train home but the tear fest didn't end there. In an attempt to make me realize how insignificant the things I cried and stressed about was my mom told me some other things that made ​​my heart want to burst. Have not cried so hard in a long time. But I needed to empty myself of tears. I also needed the day off. I don't care what I'm missing today, I have to get some time to just lay at home and take care of myself. It may sound a bit silly but that's how it is.

September days

I love September and the late summer. I love that the air is fresh but that you still can feel the last of the sun's heat. I love that the everyday routines have started, but not for long enough to get boring. I love that it's getting a bit colder at night, not enough for me to be freezing, but enough to want to crawl under the covers.
We might as well stay in September, I don't need more fall or winter than this.

Last work day

Two and a half years ago when I started working in the baby store, it was perfect extra job for the 17-year-old me. But for a long time now I have felt that I have outgrown it and that my free time at the weekends is worth more, especially now that the school days have become much longer. Therefore, I quitted my job. However, it has been very good working here. It feels a bit sad that it's my last day, but nice at the same time because I won't be standing here anymore and wishing that I was free instead.

In the meantime I'm standing behind the counter and mourning my lost sunny Saturday, I read a new comment on the blog that gets me in a better mood. I really appreciate every positive comment, and as I have said before, I am moved when a stranger spends time to encourage me and give me a compliment without any personal gain. Of course I'm pleased about what the comment says, but it means more to me that someone I don't know can be happy for me. I know I have many readers who, sadly, would revel in my misery, who even have tried to make me miserable, so it is just as wonderful each time I am reminded of the wonderful strangers out there who read my blog, who are smiling when I write that I am happy, who has the ability to rejoice in others' happiness. The ability to be happy for others and not let jealousy and low self-esteem take over is incredibly valuable, just imagine how much better it would be if everyone had that ability. Thank you nice people.

Tonight I'll hang out with some other nice people. We're going to celebrate Agnes birthday! I missed the girls very much during these two weeks so I'm really looking forward to the evening.
(This should have been posted 2011-09-10 @ 15:04)

Architecture school

1. My desk. 2. One of my models from last week. 3. The guys playing in the working room. 4. Adnan and me doing a battle of who will build the tallest in one minute. 5. I won. 6. A lot of pieces. 7. My clay model from last week. 8. My still half-empty pedestal drawer. 9. Lunch with Jasmin. 10. Encouraging sticker on the train after a long day.

My beloved Paris

I'll finally see my beloved Paris again! Yesterday we bought tickets to go and cheer for Bosnia when they play the last European Championship qualifying match against France. We will get a full day in Paris and watch the match in the evening. I don't know if I should cry with happiness because I'm going back to the city that I fell so very in love with, or if I should cry of grief because I'll only get to spend one day there! I have split feelings about this, it hurts my heart, I must say, but I can't stay any longer because of school and money that have to be saved for other things. I will however be happy for what I get. I have a whole life ahead of me to visit Paris (I'm so good at consoling myself on the blog, have you noticed that?) and it will be wonderful to cheer for Bosnia again, the only time I am fully committed to football with heart and soul, and yell with my little girl voice among all hooligans. The trip to Estonia in 2009, when we took the ferry across the sea with thousands of Bosnians to cheer for Bosnia, is still among the craziest and funniest thing that has ever happened to me. But that's another story.

Paris, October 2010.


My cold doesn't make long days easier, it feels like I'm walking around with a freakin' tennis ball stuck up in my nose. I don't know if it's because it's Monday, or because I was in school to five and had gamenight with my class afterwards, or if it's because of the snot tennis ball blocking the oxygen supply to the brain, but I am totally exhausted. I'll go to bed now with my current best friend, mr. Nasal Spray.
It is a shame that I have neither the energy or inspiration enough to update posts that are worth reading on the blog these days, especially when many new readers have found their way here. But i will have, I hope. I also hope for more energy. It still takes a lot of energy to take in everything new with the school. There is lot to keep track of, a lot to remember and learn about the school and the teaching and at the same time you have to be active the whole day. No wonder I'm tired. But I guess it will calm down a bit into the semester (yes, I am trying to make myself feel better).

Flowers for Srebrenica

Earlier today I went to the Swedish Television house to add some white lilies, and with that honor the victims and participate in the silent protest against Swedish Television and the documentary that was broadcasted. For those of you who wonder what it is about you can read it here.

Everything is not black or white in something as complex as a war, there is always much to question, investigate and research on. Feel free to present theories, but base these theories on objective sources. If there is anything that a smart, source-critical person would be questioning first, it's this documentary and the people behind it. Tonight SVT broadcasted the second part where Al-Qaeda was linked to Bosnia and I didn't know if I should laugh or just sigh. I switched channel.

After the last part was showed the Facebook group turned into a forum where people made fun of it, since much of the documentary was so bad that it was comical, but I want to share a comment that is actually worth reading:
"The fact that some are unwilling or don't have the energy to care about this, I find quite sad. The fact that some think we are ridiculous for being committed, I find also very tragic. You decide about your life and your opinions, but that we are ridiculous? I personally think it is extremely important because we are in two episodes now, showed by SVT, told that Serbs are victims and that it is Bosnia's fault that there was genocide. It portrayed the Muslims as the big bad wolf who will take over the West and if you don't like it, well, then we will kill you. Furthermore, there is many factual errors, their own bias and conclusions are frightening. It is political historical revisionism at its worst and this form of propaganda and attempts to correct the story is among the most dangerous things that exists. I am ashamed of being Swedish days like these, I am ashamed of Swedish Television! But I am glad I have had knowledge of this conflict since earlier so that I can make difference between crap and truth!" - Johan Wikman

Take it easy

Too much to do and too little sleep has resulted in illness. I have suffered from a head that wants to explode and a body that screams for rest and sleep. It wasn't unexpected. But despite much work the first week I must say that it has been fun to get started for real. Yesterday we had the presentation of all our models. I couldn't stand upright for very long so I went home right after I presented my work. Unfortunately, there was no crayfish party and sleepover with the people from school last night, instead Jasmin came over and took care of me. And became ill himself, haha. It was a very romantic experience to lie and have a running nose together this morning! Today we took a trip to town, even though we didn't have the energy for that. But if you know what Swedish summer means you know that every hot day may be the last for this year. Now I unfortunately am lying and having a running nose alone... Thinking about shopping... Thank God for the internet...

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