Tokyo 29 March - 11 April

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<div style="text-align: left;"><strong>Flygbiljetterna till Tokyo är köpta! </strong>Nu kan jag dansa, hoppa och gråta av lycka!!! Jag kommer nog inte förstå att jag ska dit förrän jag är där. Det är helt galet. JAG SKA TILL TOKYO PEOPLE!!! Om en månad dessutom! Aaaaah!</div>
The airline tickets to Tokyo are bought! Now I can dance, jump and cry with happiness! I probably will not understand that I'm going until I'm actually there. It's crazy. I'M GOING TO TOKYO PEOPLE! In a month! Aaaaah!

Once again the sun is rising

What a wonderful day! Sleep-in morning, sun, spring feelings and a really productive day at school! I love the feeling when you after being stuck in a project suddenly become full of ideas and energy. But the best thing today... you will probably get to know soon! *Cliffhanger* I don't want to jump and dance of happiness, yet.

And it was called yellow

Instagram - February

February began with lots of snow and minus degrees - and skating! I have to skate at least once a year. In school we got lots of minor tasks, like drawing our homes.

I managed to get sick for a week with constant fever and was unable to draw anymore hearts in the snow...

At school we made a visit to the city planning office and a Wednesday afternoon Bjarke Ingels lectured at KTH.

I laughed my ass off watching the stand-up comedians of RAW Comedy Club, and got beautiful roses from my boyfriend on Valentine's Day.

Lunch at school and... garlic bread with mozzarella balls! I don't know how many times I have eaten this the last month...

A picture of me during a walk in Uppsala and a picture of the most hyped, but oh so beautiful, nail polish colors for the moment, mint green and lavender. I just have to buy some matching clothes first, haha.

Art Week at school. I spent the most part of the time in the workshop or spraying room.

A picture of me and my love, and a picture of my other love: cookies! I have been obsessed with them for half a year now, my classmates are used to seeing several empty packets on my desk at school.

My sweet parents bought another book about architecture ("because education is important!") and now I feel like I have too see all the 1001 buildings. To the right is a picture of my classmates during Friday pub after school. Standard.

Sunday Sweets

Art Week

This art week in school, the second and last of this year, we focused on sculpture, instead of drawing. IKEA sponsored our class with wooden chairs, and we were supposed to make them into something other than a chairs. Some sawed their chair into many pieces, some made experiments with their chairs, some did a little more "crazy" works of art, but most of it looked like chairs in the end anyway. I have never been much for woodwoek, but it has been fun to play around in the workshop and have a calmer week. I made ​​this flag-like sculpture of the chair's side parts, don't ask me what it is since I don't know myself, but I like that it's colorful. Typical me.

The chair to the right I thought was very clever made. He who made it had to saw each piece in half, make them hollow to make them lighter and fill other parts with iron for the chair to maintain balance.

Another classmate asked us all to smear our butts in different colors and make our mark on the chair. You see me on the second picture, wiping my aZzZ.

This was also very clever made! It works the same as Ikea's toy ​​"Sampo" (bottom left), when pushing the chair down it breaks into pieces and when released it stands up by itself!

BIG lights will inspire you

First day of school after a week's illness at home was not easy. But I think I have things under control again, if I'm not fooling myself. At five o'clock it was time for Bjarke Ingels, who is kind of a "super architect," to lecture at KTH's largest lecture hall. His architects Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has designed amazing buildings. He was also a very entertaining speaker, and I was as usual just as excited and reminded of why I love this, sitting and watching all the pictures. Here is an example of a building to be built in New York. Click on the link to see more from them, if you are interested (you are probably three people I guess, haha).

Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day! Go spread some lovin 'today. I finally feel better but will stay at home anyway. My boyfriend is comming over later, his exams are over and so is the fear of becoming infected by me. We will hang out and be just as romantic as we always tend to be. For this special day I give you two videos from 2010 to illustrate our romance.

Explanation: Here we are in the hotel room after a day of sightseeing in Paris. Jasmin is exhausted while I'm on my get-on-someones-nerves-mood. After he told me to shut up and I sang don't tell your girl to shut up for a while (yes, I make songs of just about everything), I brought out my secret weapon black, dirty feet, which are full with blisters after a whole day in my black ballerina shoes (otherwise, like he actually my feet).

Explanation: Sarajevo, Vilsonovo. Don't ask me what the hell we are doing, but I failed big time anyway.

Bittersweet memories, that is all I'm taking with me

Fifth day of fever. Fifth! What can we learn from this? Well, do never ever wish to get sick. Not even secretly. I thought it was nice to be just enough ill and have an excuse to lie at home, which of course I was punished for directly by getting worse. I haven't had a high fever, but enough for me to have pain in all muscles in my body. My nose has been a running tap, my throat like sandpaper and I look like the girl from The Ring. I'm starting to panic because I really need to go to school since we have criticism on Friday.

Whitney Houston's death is however more tragic than my physical health right now. It feels like a relative or a close friend to mom has passed away. I was the one who broke the news to her this morning because my Facebook friends are faster than hers. I put my hand on her shoulder and said "Mom ... Whitney is dead". You should have seen her expression. After a number of "noooo" and double-checking in the newspaper, she began to cry, as well as I since our feelings are synchronized - when she's sad, I'm sad, and vice versa. Aw poor mom... Hate that I'm just as lame and sensitive as she is, but I love her so much because she is like she is.
R.I.P. Whitney Houston...


And so it was my turn to get sick. I apparently don't have the super immune system that I like to imagine. Still, I wanted to play superwoman and go all the way to Uppsala last wednesday to watch RAW Comedy Club. The tickets were purchased a long time ago and I refused to miss it, despite the fever, and despite my mother's, aka the health police's, protest. Once there, I thought it was worth it. It was really fun and I laughed as much as my hurting throat would allow. There was a comedian from L.A. that almost killed me, he was hilarious, along with the others stand-up comedians.

However, it was the way home that made ​​me question whether it was worth it. I had to change train three times and got home a few hours later. I was tired, sick and cold, and irritated by a lot, such as drunk dudes. One of them poked me and asked if I had a fun night out. And I looked at him, thinking 1. Do. Not. Touch. Me. 2. Do I LOOK like I had a fun night out!? But all I said was, "I'm sick, okay?" which made him leave immediately. You should try it, all of you who want to get rid of people. Another FML moment is when you are in your worst possible condition and meet people you know. That, of course, also happened. Don't know when I had missed my bed that much, but I'm not getting out it now.

Random from school

One of the many lectures we have had recently. This was about Vision Stockholm 2030.

The game "Skyskapa" that my group made the second week after starting school in September. The task was to create 3D-games. It was a very fun week, we got to play a lot. Our game was also really fun!

Process photos from when I drew the large cardboard animals we built during the art week, if you remember. The drawings can be seen here and the big animals here . Wouldn't mind having another week like that one.

Last week we wrote manifestoes about future Stockholm and made manifest posters. It shouldn't be hard to guess which one is mine, I'm the only one silly enough to make hearts out of the metro system, haha.

Old notes from a lecture. It's supposed to be messy! I just wonder if I can read what I wrote.

Speaking of paper folded animals, earlier you could see some different animals on display at the entrance, including this rhinoceros.

Recently, we read books and wrote articles about them. I read Small Images, a book by a Japanese architect which is full of beautiful, small images - like the title says. Very interesting, Japanese people are crazy... And we are still fighting for a trip to Tokyo!

This is what I have been doing yesterday and today - I have measured and drawn our own apartment. It's a small task we got to train ourselves to perceive the size and scale of the drawing, and it is easiest to relate to our own homes.
I had forgotten how much fun it is to draw by hand. Screw the computers.

Ice Ice Baby

Finally real snow! We haven't had real winter yet so I can't help but be happy by seing a sunny winter wonderland. Especially when you hear the sound of stepping on snow, I just want to throw myself into it and take out my old sled. Maybe you should do that some day... *Let the child inside of you live*
However, yesterday we went ice skateing! Nice to get out moving, even though we came home paralyzed by the cold.

HAHA how the hell did the kid manage to do that?

Hello February

This years first month is already over and now we've moved on to the month I usually think is the worst of the entire year. However, I have promised myself to make it better by feeling better. I have really been lacking energy and productivity the last weeks and I've been unable to even pull myself together to complete even simple tasks. Since sun and vitamin D is not a selectable option in this country this time of year, I have to do something else. And I have started already today by working out for the first time in a long time. I should really try to keep up with this now. Says the girl with the worst self-discipline.

Instagram - January

Although I don't go anywhere without a camera in my bag, I take a lot pictures with my phone. Therefore, I thought, inspired by this blog, that I would publish some Instagram pictures from the last month. Some of you have already found me on Instagram I've noticed, but for everyone else who wants to follow me, my name is lanakarat.

At the beginning of the month, I said farewell to two of my girls who will be in Australia for a longer period. It was a farewell party and a farewell dinner with lots of people, lots of good food, lots of good byes and some inevitable tears.

I went shopping more than usual this month, especially for spring/summer clothes. The flowers I got from my boyfriend for our two years anniversary.

Like mother, like daughter - the normal pictures show how we appear to others while the retarded pictures show how we always are together. If people only knew... To the right is a picture from a night out in Uppsala.

A picture of me and a picture of one of the few lunches that were not from a lunch box.

Coffee and sweets kept me awake during the school days. To the right we have a picture of an outfit a la architect style (except that it's a gray polo instead of a black).

Me on my way to the university after a sleep in morning - hence the happy face. And a post-it that I found at home, written by my brother to my mother (don't take the car, it's slippery outside!), How cute is he who thinks of that? Sweetheart <3

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