Summer Planning

Another sunny day with extreme summer longing. I usually go crazy sometime in February. Today I also got to know that I probably will get a summer job (don't want to jinx it), which started the summer planning. I always end up in Bosnia and Croatia, but I'm a little bit tired of it, been there, done that. On the other hand, I always have fun and I feel at home there, it's really a relaxing vacation. That is why I am now thinking of a brilliant plan on how to combine both the old usual and new adventures! / Lana the master planer

Red, blue, white and dotted

Blouses - H&M / Shorts - Gina Tricot / shoes -

Again a post about clothes, but I love it and therefore it takes its place on the blog. I have been suffering from a morbid longing for spring and summer, as always this time of year, and therefore been shopping far too much since the spring collections came out... *Oh YeS, yOu cAn BuY HaPPiNeSs!*


I had a calm weekend this time. Apart from some working, this weekend only consisted of hanging at home, walking in the winter sun, movies and watching handball. Just as I wanted it.
Speaking of handball - oh how eager I was to play... I want to feel trained again, have good fitness and get to fight a little. I practised handball a long time ago, before I had a knee injury which prevented me from ever starting to play again. I have regretted it very much, it's a really fun sport. My parents always thought it was a too violent sport for a little girl like me, which was also the reason why I liked it, haha. Lots of action!

Note to self: Seriously, start working out.

Last project

Last week we started with the third and last project in year 1. We will design homes for the year of 2051. Right now we are dealing with a lot of information gathering, problematization, analysis, discussion and so on. Unfortunately I am not the only one feeling unmotivated to do certain tasks, probably because we don't get to be as creativity as we are used to at the moment. However, I think the group discussions we have had has been very rewarding. I am lucky to be studying with these intelligent people who I can learn a lot from by just listening to their thoughts and opinions. I absorb everything like a sponge. I also try (when I don't fall asleep to say) to absorb all the interesting lectures we have now (if you only knew what amazing, inspiring and crazy buildings I see every day) but I've really missed to sit and work with my own projects. It's crazy how the projects suck every drop of energy from you and you can't wait to finish it, and then when you're done you miss it.

Another thing I thought of during all the discussions we have had is how much architecture is all about politics. In a larger scale, you can't talk about it without getting into politics. Future construction, urban planning, environmental management, planning permission - politics, politics, politics. People are surprised that I didn't study the nature or technology program in high school, but the social program. The funny thing is that we're talking more about society and politics than math and physics.
Speaking of politics, I also thought about that the most of us have very similar political views and position, at least according to my experiences. It's almost fascinating. It has not been a single hot political debate yet *disappointed*.

Lana Del Rey

This is my idea of fun, playing video games

A sleep-in morning and sunlight were all I needed to feel like a new person today. The evening hasn't been that bad either - bed, magazines, music and cookies with milk... Me, myself and I.

Party in Uppsala

Hangouts with friends, in cafees and bars, one more surprise party and a night out is what this weekend consisted of. Today I feel more worn out than I was before the weekend began. On Saturday we surprised Amela who returned from Chicago with a small welcome home party. Great to finally see her after half a year! The evening ended with clubbing of Uppsala, which left us very tired, worn and unfresh on Sunday. Unfortunately, Sunday was not enough for recovery, but what to do... The pictures from Saturday may speak for themselves.

Blazin' Blazers

Suddenly, the white blazer you've had your eye on for a long time hangs there in H&M, one left, in size 36 for 10 € on sale (!) I didn't know what was bigger - the joy or the shock. Since the blazer is my favorite garment I bought one more.
The shopping has gone well and now I have to wait for the next student grant.

Four years together

Speaking of anniversaries, my blog had it's 4th year anniversary a few days ago. Four years! It's kind of since my life began to be interesting. Joking aside (or not) it's actually quite amazing to look back at my life documented in pictures and texts. It the best thing about having a blog. The next best thing is the response from you readers, that's what makes it more fun than writing a ordinary diary. You have encouraged, helped and given compliments and I can't enough say how much I appreciate it. I have been in contact with people I never would have known exist, which is really great. For example I have exchanged mails with a girl, who's also interested in architecture, from Bulgaria on Facebook for a few months, how cool is that? It's 2012's version of "pen pal".
From having only a few dozen readers the first couple of years, mostly friends, to now having about 1,500 unique readers a week. Who are you people!? And I want to know... Is there anyone who had followed the blog since 2008? Haha would be really fun in that case. I also wonder how many years the blogging will go on before I outgrow this... And start documenting my life in some other way (just because I have to). Once a diary person, always a diary person...

Two years together

Sometimes I feel like sharing our special moments with the rest of the world. It's those moments that make all couples feel like "there are no others like you and me". Sometimes I want to show everyone why I love us together. However, it rarely happens that I share, since it's just our moments. We are the only ones who need to experience them. The only pity is that so many of our special moments get forgotten when they are not documented, only because there's too many of them to fit - neither in our memory, in an album, text or blog post.

With special moments I don't mean when we are lying at the beach in Egypt and enjoying the sun together, no matter how wonderful that is. I mean moments like on a Sunday afternoon in cold January when we go out on a walk in the woods, find a frozen body of water and go out on the ice to see how far we can go before it bursts. We jump on it, throw stones at it and laugh at each other when one of us eventually fall into the water with our feet.

Or moments like today, when I decided to go home at lunch time because I needed my computer, and accidently took the same train from the university as him. He was heading for my place to leave flowers in my room and bring food to my brother, and I ruined his surprise. But instead, we walked around town in the rain and talked about everything and nothing, about the exam that he passed, about the bag I want to buy, about how I look like a stupid eskimo, and both agreed that the afternoon couldn't have been spent in a better way. It is things like that which I love us for.

I love us for the reason that no matter how long time we have been together, we still laugh as much, we never run out of topics and we continue to amaze and surprise each other even though we know each other inside out. I love that we one moment behave like a married couple, who can fuss about what time we are going home, I can complain about his choice of shirt and he can complain about my will to decide all the time, and the second moment, we can behave like two little children who are discussing what our favorite Pokémon was, playing war games and sending cheesy videos to each other that no one other than we understand.
I got together with him because it right from the beginning of our relationship felt like him and me - and everyone else. And it still is. Today I felt like sharing this.

Sony NEX-3

Since it is the most common question I get, it's once again time for a post about what camera I use. The camera I use is called Sony NEX-3 and it goes with me everywhere! It is smaller and lighter than the standard SLR cameras, but takes wonderful pictures. For me who is not a camera expert, this camera is also easier to handle than a standard SLR. You can also change the lens, film in HD quality, etc. All the pictures I post are taken with this camera, aside from a few photos taken with my phone. I also want to make you aware that all images are more or less edited, for example, I change contrast, brightness and color. The pictures I edit in Photoshop CS5 or Instagram on the iPhone.

Surprise Party for Benjamin

Yesterday we celebrated Benjamin who recently turned 18, and what a evening it was! Along with his large circle of friends and family, we waited for him at Taco Bar. He thought he was comming for work but got a big surprise when he arrived. All cred to his closest who arranged everything, it was really emotional at many moments. And of course, there was much celebration and dancing all night, I haven't danced so much in a long time. It was also great to meet people I haven't seen in a while!


Besides the lectures in technology, we have spent most of the week in the workshop. We have worked with different constructions and we have been building models in groups. Woodwork has never been my favorite thing, therefore I mostly played the role of the camerawoman. Nice week and a nice start after the break. Next week we will start with a new project that will continue the rest of the semester!


Why haven't I got a cameraman who follows me around everywhere to film all my accidents? I would have been the perfect material for a comedy, me and my clumsiness. Like this morning on my way to the subway, running down the stairs in the yard, I got stuck with the bag in the stair railing and fell backward while my bag went ritchhhhh and the whole side of it torn up. GOOD START IN THE MORNING :) Felt like the rage guy in the post below. Had it not been for my mother who bought the exact same bag like mine I would have been standing in the rain crying a little bit. And to think of that I complained to her that it was unnecessary to have two of the same bag in one home... The irony. Anyway, what if someone had caught that incident on film. Or any of the many times I've slipped and made my ​​glamorous landings. Or the time I fell off a chair and hit my head. Or the time I fell in the same escalator twice in a row. The list is long, but having it on film would have been priceless.

Back on track

Christmas break is over and this morning it was time to get back to the School of Architecture. Although I've missed the people I felt anything but alert this morning. But then, as always when I feel tired of it, someone or something at school reminds me of why I do this and why I love it. This morning the inspiration came from a funny, German lecturer who began the introduction to this week's workshop by introducing himself, talking about all the cities where he has studied and worked, and some of the projects he has done. And I sat there and thought "I want that too!"
My dreams are many and they are big, but that's the way it's supposed to be!

Rage Comics

After a bad day, there are always ways to cheer up yourself, for example, waste time online reading Comics. Rage comics always make me laugh (easily amused as I am) and although I don't usually post humor pictures, inspirational pictures or pictures that is not taken with my camera at all, I have put together a few comics I think are funny, for you with the same "amazing sense of humor".

My mates are going Aussie

During high school, I concluded that I suffer from some kind of procrastination. Still going on strong, I'm noticing now while trying to write this never ending essay. However, I don't care about it for the moment, tonight the essay is the last thing I will think about! My beloved Karin will have farewell party since she will be off to Australia for a few months. My best friend, lifeline, psychologist and personal adviser will be on the other side of the planet and my only rescue is Skype. No matter how happy I am for her, I have tried to suppress the fact that she is actually leaving soon. Perhaps not surprising given that we cry before I go to Bosnia in the summer, but other side of the world feels a little worse. As if that isn't enough, my dear Agnes will also spend several months there (damn Australia) and will have her farewell dinner tomorrow. I'm going to miss them so much! But I hope they have the time of their lives in the land of kangaroos, and that they don't force me to come and take them home myself after a few months...

Pictures from 2011

First days of January

The first days of January are always the same. After New Year's eve I usually lay half dead in bed with no energy at all, philosophizing about how fast time has gone by, waiting for life to start again, longing for spring that suddenly feels a little closer... Nothing new this time. These days I've only left the apartment once when me and my mom went to town to see what's left after Christmas sales. There was apparently some good things left since both me and my mom got home with a few bags each. But then again, we are self-proclaimed experts when it comes to picking up real bargains.

Besides that, I have just been hanging out with my bro' Natalie, with my boy Jasmin (called him and whined with my cutest voice until he left everything behind to come here - worked great), watched som tv-series, played Call of Duty and just laid in bed some more. Something else that is exactly the same every year is that I leave the school stuff for the Christmas holidays last days and feel more like hanging myself than taking care of it. Nothing new this time.

New Year's Eve

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