When I'm feeling restless during lectures, or when I just get the urge to draw something but can't find anything else but marker pens to use. Everything works fine when you're feeling creative.

Instagram - September & October

The beginning of September offered a few warm days and I could still take a walk to Woodland Cemetery. And as usual I found myself in Zara's fitting rooms. I spend a lot of time in there.

Hell froze and pigs started to fly when I got my first gym card ever. Me and Natalie used to visit the gym twice a week but now ... let's not talk about it. I ate some trahana after the gym.

Took a picture och some metro art in Gullmarsplan. Out of nowhere I started making a collage the old fashioned way, with scissors and a stack of magazines.

I pimped my coffee cup during a lecture. After a while I forgot that there was a little coffee left in it and started twisting it around... It wasn't until I felt it was wet between my legs as I realized that I poured coffee all over me. Typical me. Wandered in pouring rain when I forgot the umbrella that day. Also typical.

The class had coffee at Djurgården and there was too much to choose from. We also finished the first part of the project. We are supposed to design a fire station btw.

Took a picture of the metro art in Tensta too. My family made a visit to IKEA and my dad walked around with measuring tape and measured all the furniture instead of checking the dimensions of the price tag. "It's faster this way", he claimed.

Spent a lot of time in Tensta since that is the location in our project.. I made a "chessy" collage of my photos from Tensta. And I got a lot of kinder maxi from granny (she has bought me kinder chocolate since I was little) which my father ate ... -.-'

My "snack" in school. After that we had a very interesting lecture about neuroscience and aesthetics with a lot of mindfucks and interesting facts about how we perceive things. Doesn't it seem like the right tower leans a bit more? It doesn't.

A tired picture of me and the books I read a few weeks ago. The books have that thing that the Twilight books are missing, if you know what I mean...

Mom was quite excited when the coffee machine was delivered "MY GEORGE CLOONEY MACHINE HAS ARRIVED!!!" Congratulations Nespresso, you know how to sell to middle-aged women. To the right you can see the result of a prank war between a guy in my class and some guys in 3rd grade. This was their last prank when they planted a flower in his drawer. Extremly fun.

Bajram food throughout the whole weekend and Bajram flowers from my boyfriend. Bajram (Eid) is a Muslim feast for those of you who don't know.

The flowers after they had bloomed. And I end this post with a picture of us and a "tihi". 


Friends Arena

Yesterday me and mom went at the opening ceremony of Friends Arena, and wow, what a huge arena. Mom who has worked with the economy around the stadium has followed it's construction from start a few years ago, and she was as proud as if it was her own arena, haha. The show included a lot of dancing, light shows, fireworks, hanging acrobats and even cars and motorcycles. The performers included Loreen, Agnes, Danny, Icona Pop, First Aid Kit, Roxette and other known and more unknown Swedish artists. And then Princess Victoria pronounced the arena opened. Given that it was the most expensive stage event in the history of Sweden, I think there should have been more of the famous artists and less musical/opera numbers, but I won't complain, it was still a cool experience. Now I can't wait to see Swedish House Mafia there, i won't be satisfyed if I don't come home with a headache after that! 

Of course Zlatan's smile was shown on the mega screens of the new national arena. 

The sweetheart of Sweden, Loreen. Still can't understand how the Eurovision will be held in Malmö, instead of here, absolutely unbelieveble...



Svi smo na nogama kad krene muzika

After two tough weeks with a lot of studying, renovation of our home, me being ill and in pain of various kinds (what haven't I suffered from last week?) it was finally time for a well deserved weekend and p-p-p-party! And finally, I remembered to take some pictures with my camera. It was a really fun evening yesterday with better pre-party than clubbing. Unfortunately, the music in the club was crappy, but what to do. Worse was having to get up after only a few hours of sleep in order to go with my family to Ikea. Now that the walls and floor are complete, it was time to buy some new furniture. I really can't wait until everything's finished, it's mentally tiresome to live in this kaos. I think my mom is close to a psychosis.
And I get a psychosis just by the thought of that it's already Monday tomorrow.

Bosnians on tour

Yesterday's qualifying matches really put their mark on all social media, even today. Sweden had a unbelieveble match against Germany. I, however, followed Bosnia and as usual I cheered and wished that I was there. It's the only time I'm really interested in football and cheer with all my heart, and it's such a great feeling to stand in the crowd. Right now Bosnia is the lead of the group, I hope it continues at the same rate. Next year,  I'll probably do a couple of trips! I looked through some old pictures and thought I should publish some flashbacks. We all love that, don't we? 

Estonia - Bosnia 2009, Tallinn

This trip to Estonia is still among the funniest and craziest things I have ever experienced. It was three intense days with cheering and partying from beginning to end. We took the ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn and the whole boat was a big party, in all cabins, all passages and discos. Tallinn was crowded by Bosnians dressed in blue, yellow and white. And we won the game.

Look how little we were! Or maybe not, but three years feels as an eternity ago. Two 17-year-old girls among a bunch of fanaticos.

Hihi, here Jasmin and I were just friends, can you imagine? That seems crazy long ago! Actually, it was after this trip that we started hanging out. Haven't we changed a lot?  

After two intense days with a party on the boat to Estonia and the match, I thought the boat tour home would be quieter, but oh so wrong I was, it topped everything! What I would give to experience it again...

People threw their drinks, waved their sweaters and scarves, glasses were smashed, people were standing on tables and chairs, and each other, screaming the last they had left of their voice after the game.

Here is a clip of many. Oh, it was such an indescribable energy on that boat all night! I save you from the rest, although there are crazier clips, our singing (screaming) is bad for your ears.

There was not a single boring minute of the journey. Even when you just went to your cabin you met happened a bunch of singing fools in underwear, appropriately singing "ovdje niko nije normalan" meaning "No one here is normal." I have many more clips from this sick trip, I still cry with laughter watching them, but I will get slaughtered if I publish them..

Sweden - Bosnia 2010, Stockholm

We had all been waiting this match. Home country against home country. Even though it was a friendly match, we were many Bosnians from all over Sweden who gathered, making the arena feel like home arena to Bosnia. The finest moment was when we all applauded after the Swedish national anthem. It was obvious that it was a friendly match, it was a wonderful atmosphere but not at all like the qualifier games. Bosnia lost unfortunately, but win or not - with so many Bosnians in the place, the after-party was a must. 

France - Bosnia 2011, Paris

Here we were real fighters who went to Paris over one day, with no hotel or packing, just for the game's sake. It was among the most exhausting I've been through, but worth everything! We were unbelievably many Bosnians who went there to support the team in this crucial match. Although Paris is much larger than Tallinn was, you could still see blue, yellow and white everywhere.

This was such a powerful sight. We were about 20,000 and took up a quarter of the arena, and managed to overpower the French. The happiness when we scored and took the lead was indescribable, everything exploded.

But of course France scored with an unfair penalty. Now that we are number one in the group with the most goals in Europe, we really got the hope of getting to play in the World Cup this time. I'm so damn tired of stumbling over the finish line and meeting Portugal in the playoffs every time. But this time... This time.

Work hard, party hard

Time to make som noise. I'm alive, miraculously after this weekend. It was over in a second and I remember about half of it. We were a big crew went out on Saturday, it was very fun and for some reason everybody went crazy, probably a bit to hyped after a tough school week. The have pumped us with tasks in school, hence the absence here. We have a task to complete each day and it has to go fast, fast, fast. It's been tough, but oh how effective we have been. I think I have produced more last week than we did in a month last year. And I really do my best to avoid weekend work, unfortunately, I have to sacrifice some weekday evenings. I haven't had time to go to the gym this week, even though I started so well with working out twice a week. This week seems to be worse. School vs. life, you can not have both, apparently Tonight, however, I refuse to work, now it's time for my bed, cookies, Revenge and phone date with my person, Karin (you who are watching Grey's Anatomy understand the expression "my person", Meredith and Christina are each others person). Good nighty.

I love my education

Oh I'm so happy! Today they introduced the first project and we got to meet our new teachers (each group of 20 people have two architects and one artist as teachers) and they seem to be great! The entire schedule and project is so organized and structured as opposed to last year, and our teachers are so clear with everything that we almost was stunned after the meeting. We are more used to looking like question marks. The school has really been working hard to follow our wishes. And I'm so hyped about getting started! Not only that, our teachers have already suggested a study trip: Alexandria in Egypt! One of our teachers have been offered this opportunity because our school is starting a cooperation with an architecture school there, and we'll have a workshop with the students. He started talking about what we can do there, and that we also can go to Cairo (I was so sorry for not seeing the pyramids last year, this has to be fate) and I wanted to scream YES!!! before he even finished the sentence. I don't want jinx anything but...  it would be so wonderful to visit one of the world's oldest cities, with so much to see! The sun and the sea won't be so bad either.

Library of Alexandria. Source unknown.

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