Three years together

Something new in my wardrobe

Blue turtleneck -, white turtleneck - H&M, blue sweater - Zara, brown shoes -, black shoes -

Something fun with returning to everyday life after a long break is to use new clothes. Unlike last year I found a lot on sale this year, all these garments are purchased on sale even after New Years. Paying full price for winter clothing is the last thing I want now when I have already started planning summer. I really hope that the new clothes have an energizing effect, I'm gonna need it since my sleeping habits are waaay off.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mistery

I just want to state the obvious: The blog has a new design. If I'm not mistaken I always change this time of year, the beginning of a new year makes me want to renew things a bit. The header wasn't very imaginative, but the menu below has been fixed with drop downs and new categories (the categories in english will be done soon). Under "travel", for example, you can now found each trip in a separate category. Yey! *No one cares but me*. The blog has also been extended for the images to be larger (the old posts with too small images now are a bit annoying but I'll have to live with it), the only thing missing is a bit sunshine in this country for taking new, nice photos... 

New Year's Eve

The video was recorded 4 in the morning, after 8 hours of partying since we started at full strength at 8 o'clock. I don't know how we still could stand straight, but that's how we roll. And then I roll in bed for three days. But it was worth it.

Happy New Year

And so 2012 came to an end. If last year was a year of change and beginning of new things, 2012 has been a year where everything already had come to it's right place and I wouldn't want to change anything at the moment. I'm studying for the job of my dreams, I'm surrounded by wonderful people and they are all healthy and well, my life has been drama-free as never before and I am incredibly grateful for everything. I hope it continues the same way this year. It is what you make it! I wish you all a very Happy New 2013!

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