My 50th birthday present to mom was a day together at Yasuragi Spa. It was perfect. Few people, very hot baths, yoga, Japanese food, and mother-daughter time. Great way to end the summer holidays and my mother was more than satisfied. My dear, precious, mom.

Sarajevo Snapshots

In recent years I have been from one end of the world to the other, but there's nothing like motherland. It was two years ago since we were in Sarajevo, and yet it felt like an eternity ago when we stepped into the apartment and ate our first portions of home delivered cevapi. A very special feeling. Unfortunately, a rainy June is not quite what we are used to and the summer feelings was still not there, but we still enjoyed everything we've missed so much.

Jag tar nästan likadana bilder varje gång, och vi gör nästan samma saker varje gång. Men jag älskar det.

World cup days in Sarajevo

I'll start the holiday posts with what was the reason that we rushed to Bosnia as soon our studies ended in June - World Cup! After traveling around, cheering for Bosnia in qualifying matches, it felt as a matter of course that if we can't be in Brazil at least we'll cheer from home ground. It didn't quite go as we imagined though... I don't want to open up old wounds by even thinking about the match against Nigeria. Those of you who know, you know. But if we ignore that and focus on the positive... wow. The atmosphere before the first two group matches were over the top. The whole city was full of flags, signs, game jerseys, hats, honking cars. Even the tram was one big Bosnian flag. It was great while it lasted.

Back in Stockholm

Time for a new half-hearted attempt to revive the blog and upload my holiday photos.
I really want to, but it's hard doing anything, whatsoever, when I'm in my lazy vacation mode. Except going on vacation. I would not mind going back a third time. Like now, right away. It's the first time in a long time that I've come home and not missed Stockholm, although it has never been nicer and hotter (what's up with the heat?!?). It's like I've missed summer in Bosnia and Croatia extra much and want to make up for not going last year, I can't get enough. How can you ever get enough of the Adriatic sea, the food, the people? Conclusion: Never ever spending a summer without that again.

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