Freezing the Moment

Last week's anniversary date didn't include our traditional ice skating in King's Garden, so we made up for it yesterday. For those of you who don't know or didn't understand it from last week's post, it was at this place we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend. It would be typical to say "feels like yesterday", but it actually feels like we are four years better than when we were here the first time. The pictures, however, looks pretty much the same, with the obligatory kiss picture.


Tickets on the wall

As I have told you earlier, I have a need to save and document everything (maybe that's why I still have a blog after 6 years!). I also have a box at home where I save everything from postcards and letters to pictures and tickets. For me, tickets have a special value that a photo doesn't, because even if the photo is a capture of a moment, the ticket has been in my hand at that particular time and place. Moreover, on the ticket there's usually a date, time and venue. As a gift for my boyfriend, I collected many of our tickets, everything from the train ticket that I had when I went to him for the first time, in 2009, to concert tickets, match tickets, museum tickets and other train tickets from all of the many cities we visited together. It was very appreciated. However, I'm counting on that it will hang on our shared wall one day, otherwise it would have been harder to give away these very valuable small pieces of paper.

We're on each other's team

Let's pretend that this picture is from Saturday because I have no pictures at all from my wonderful weekend. I'm failing in my project to document all of life's good moments. The weekend has filled me with so much happiness that it should be enough until next weekend. I've been spoiled with romance by my boyfriend for our anniversary celebration, and I have been hanging out with my amazing girls the rest of the weekend (forgot to mention that Erna came home from the U.S. last weekend and I have been overjoyed because of that!). And I have started working out again. I can almost hear how people who know me are laughing, but this time it's group passes and no gym, and I go with my mom. There's no other person that can make me do it so if I fail this, I'll give up on exercise for ever. AND... it's only a month left until I'm off to Hong Kong, which I almost forgot for a while.
Life always feels extra good after study periods.

What to write

Besides the lack of pictures this dark month, the absence of posts has been due to studies. During the winter "break" I have written a draft of my bachelor thesis. I'm very happy with my choice of topic. It's hard to choose when you can basically write about anything in architecture. I knew I wanted to write about something related to urban planning and public places but couldn't think of anything more specific. Until I realized that I should do what I have always done, start from myself. So finally I chose to write about Skarpnäck (a borough in Stockholm) where I grew up and have been living for 20 years, which is also very interesting from an urban planning perspective. Pros: I already have a lot of knowledge and it's fun to read about it because I really want to know more.

Throughout my years in school, when it comes to essays I have always chosen topics that have something to do with myself. I have written a number of essays about Bosnia and Bosnian politics, history, religion, war, about nationalist propaganda in the war and national identity among Bosnian-Swedish youths vs. ethnic Swedish youths. The latter was mine and Karin's last project in high school and is still the work that I got the most out of, ever. In architecture school the subject choices haven't always been as free, but when I've been able to choose more or less freely I always choose something that has to do with a place where I 'm going or have been. I wrote about Rome before I went there and I wrote about New York before and after my visit.

My tip to you and to future me: If you don't know what to write about, choose a topic that has something to do with yourself. This way you really get something out of it and you might be able to contribute with the knowledge you already have. Think about your background, your current situation, at your future wishes or destinations, on something that you are passionate about. It feels more meaningful and you get knowledge that you can really benefit from.

Four Years Together

It was exactly four years ago these photos were taken, the day when we decided to become a couple. Best decision ever.

London calling to the faraway towns

My first time in London, and I loved it! I really don't know why my expectations weren't that high, but I was pleasantly surprised. We didn't have the best weather every day, but great company made up for it. I really wished we had more time, there is so much to do! We only had time to get to know the city a little bit, and see the most common tourist attractions. If you besides touristing and New Years celebration want to go to museums and shop til you drop, you definitely need more than three days. As a consolation, London is among the cities that are easiest to get to from Stockholm, I'll be back!

Happy New Year from London!

Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone feels happy and satisfied with their New Year celebration! I had an absolutely fantastic end to 2013, in London! We stood in front of the London Eye with hundreds of thousands other people, counting down the time with the help of Big Ben! I always wanted to celebrate New Years with a really good firework show at midnight (I love fireworks!!!) and now I can finally cross that off my bucket list. Ten minutes felt like ten seconds though, I can hardly believe I was there when I see the video. Watch the end of the show, it's bloody BRILLIANT!


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