90's studentparty

We had so much fun last Thursday! From beginning to end! I had really sore cheeks afterwards because I laughed so much throughout the evening. Me and Karin lauged all the way to my front door at half past five, in the middle of the night. Everything was just so good, the atmosphere, the people, the theme and outfits, the mood, on the way over there and the way home. Some people really looked like they were taken from a class party in first grade with waffled hair and glitter spray. Others had terrible, licked hair, parted in the middle, and some had sports trousers or to much denim garments on themselves. Wonderful. We danced all night long, on tables, chairs and speakers. 
If I have a half as good time on every student party that is left, I will be satisfied. But it probably will be with Kärrtorp people. Gah, I love my school, I do not want it to end.


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