My mom and I met in town after school and work for a visit to Axelsons SPA. For the first time in my life, I enjoyed a one hour full body massage with aromatherapy oils. It was the sweetest I've done in a long time. If it had been another person in there with the task of playing with my hair I would probably have been in heaven. I'll just have to become financially independent one day so I can get a spa at home and hire people to take care of me.

But, back to reality. My calm mood disappeared rather quickly when I got home and got reminded of everything else. I still have school work to do, which I probably will sit with all night. Tomorrow I also need to submit the project report, in the evening I'm supposed to go to a party and a graduation party, I have managed to double book so I thought I'd clone myself and go on both. On Saturday I'll have to go up and work and on Sunday I need to do more school work. I think I also have a lovely menstrual pain comming up. And too much in my head again. And one non-working stomach. And bad sleep habits ... Yeah, why not continue while I am at it? I have a shitty economy, I have lost my started training routine completely, I have too much desires, I would like to have the cake and eat it, I'm far too sensitive and I think I have PMS.
But tomorrow I will go back to loving everything again.


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