The beginning of the year seemed brighter than usual. There was so much to look forward to that time just flew by. As usual in that period, there were a lot of birthday celebrations, including my 21st birthday. We celebrated Walpurgis Night in Uppsala, where we had a few more great nights. Besides all that, and studies, I put a lot of time into planning and dreaming about the upcoming trip to the United States.

The summer was one of the hottest in a long time. I finished my second year of the architecture program and started working after that until mid-July. But there was still time to barbecue with friends, have fun nights out, lie in the sun and even go swimming which I rarely do in Sweden. On the other hand, it was a long time ago I was here whole July. I made a short trip to Norrköping with some friends for Zeljko Joksimovics concert, I also went to Beyonce's concert, celebrated even more birthdays and got a new hobby with my boyfriend and brother - fishing.

In June, we also went on a supporter trip to Riga where Bosnia met Latvia in World Cup qualifiers. We went by ferry, which meant three days of Bosnian party. We won the match and as usual, we took over the whole city. What made this trip extra great was that we were so very many, both in our group and all the supporters, and it was summer which made the mood even better.

August was spent on the other side of the Atlantic, travelling from city to city in the United States. I fell in love with the world's best city, New York, biked across the Golden Gate in San Francisco, drove along the incredible Highway 1, stalked celebrities in Los Angeles, lied on the beach in San Diego, gambled in Las Vegas and flew over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. Best trip ever, and probably the one I will always associate with 2013.

In October, we once again went on a supporter trip to Kaunas, Lithuania, where Bosnia played it's last and final qualifier game. I got to witness the historic moment when we scored, won the game and was officially qualified to the World Cup in Brazil, for the first time. Also something I always will remember this year by.

I surprised my boyfriend with a weekend trip to Barcelona in October. We got to enjoy a late summer there. It was the first time for me in this amazing city. We walked on the beach, ate tapas, looked at Antoni Gaudi's work and just enjoyed getting away from reality for a while.

Besides the trips I've been on, I have been pretty bad with the camera the rest of the fall. I have started my third year at the architecture school where we have worked with urban planning, I have cut my hair short, been on some fun festivities, celebrated my brother's 18th birthday and started missing the snow that still haven't come to Stockholm. All in all, a wonderful year, I'm so grateful for everything and for the people in my life. As long as they are around me, I am sure that next year will be just as great. However, this year is not yet over and will end in a way that I think can't be a more appropriate... with a little trip.


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