Samo ludaci kao mi

Last weekend Zeljko Joksimovic and Halid Beslic had their concert in Norrköping. It had the worst possible timing - the weekend before the project submission. But there is no re-partys, only re-examinations! In my case, complementaries. Because of me being in my working mode, it afterwards felt like I had dreamed this fun break in the middle of everything. My worn-out body and lack of sleep, however, proved it wasn't just a dream, as well as all the photos!

Haha yeah, it's a freakin' minivan, and it was absolutely our smartest move. As soon as we got into the van the party started! And lasted a bit too long... In three hours we had only gotten halfway, as we first stopped for a lunch break five minutes into the trip. Then, after half an hour driving, I realized that we forgot the concert tickets (absolutely our dumbest move) and must return home, and after another hour we had to take a pause like we had driven half the autobahn. Once in Norrköping we got lost AGAIN even though we've lived in the same hostel several times before and all have iphones with GPS. We all agreed on that it would probably take us two weeks to drive to Bosnia and that we would lose at least one person on the road.
We also agreed on that we party the best. I was very worried that we would be kicked out and have to sleep in the van, a worry that absolutely no one else shared. As you should know by now, Bosnians MUST sing and scream as if it's 50 people in the room.

You can't take a family picture without our dear crasher. "Bjezi, it's a family picture" -"It's cool, I will marry my way into it somehow". 

When I thought the evening couldn't get any better, I got the best surprise ever at the entrance to the concert when I discovered that my dear Jasmina waited there with her boyfriend, without saying anything to me! Oh, the happiness.

Need I even say that this was the during the song "Ludak kao ja"? My euphoric state during the evening peaked here, I was not aware of anything around me, and afterwards, these minutes felt as a complete blur. I seriously think that I was drunk on happiness. 

Our packing for one day *facepalm*. We managed to get home alive, and with a much shorter journey home. Thank you my favorite people for a wonderful weekend and break from reality. The best thing is knowing that there will be a lot more of it this summer!


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