Questions regarding our trip

I have received a number of questions regarding our trip to the U.S., especially about the way we traveled around, planning, costs, and the classic: what camera I use. A reader asked me if I would like to write a guide on what we've done and seen. I think that my posts here already explains a lot when it comes to what we did because I both post pictures and write about it, but I understand if you can't wait for all the posts to come up (it will take me a couple of months at this pace) and that it's easier to have everything summarized in one post. Therefore I thought that if you have any additional questions, ask them now so that I know what you wonder about, and so I can answer in just one post. I'm certainly no expert on the subject and this was my first visit to the U.S., but from what I see, your interest lays in the fact that we traveled to different cities and how that worked out and what it cost. And if my experiences can be to someone's help, I will share them with you, of course. 

I'll also make sure to write a post about my camera, lense, settings, editing photos and all that, not because I'm any expert in that area either (you will notice) but because it really is the most frequent question I get. I take it as a compliment though! So, thanks!


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