We're on each other's team

Let's pretend that this picture is from Saturday because I have no pictures at all from my wonderful weekend. I'm failing in my project to document all of life's good moments. The weekend has filled me with so much happiness that it should be enough until next weekend. I've been spoiled with romance by my boyfriend for our anniversary celebration, and I have been hanging out with my amazing girls the rest of the weekend (forgot to mention that Erna came home from the U.S. last weekend and I have been overjoyed because of that!). And I have started working out again. I can almost hear how people who know me are laughing, but this time it's group passes and no gym, and I go with my mom. There's no other person that can make me do it so if I fail this, I'll give up on exercise for ever. AND... it's only a month left until I'm off to Hong Kong, which I almost forgot for a while.
Life always feels extra good after study periods.


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