Project 1, year 2

It's been two days since I finished the project and that's also the time it has taken me to recover myself and all my lost sleep, and mentally return to normal life. We got very little time for such a big project as a whole fire station. The whole project with all research and studies has been going on for a long time, but I got barely three weeks to design my own fire station. You have no idea how little time that is. But wow, I have done and learned so much, I am so proud of myself! The presentation in front of teachers and critics also went better than expected. 

Working with this from waking up until going to bed sure makes you a bit mentally disturbed. I had the fire station in my head when I sat om the train, when I went to the bathroom, when I was dreaming. Not to mention how weird my brain got without any sleep the last two days. It wasn't until I handed in the project that I realized that I have had the same t-shirt on me for three days (worked at home since I've been sick). It was like waking up from a hypnosis.

I'm so glad it's over but since I've been so into it, it's a bit hard to let go of it. I have thought of every corner of this building and imagined what happens inside it, and then - nothing. But one day, aBd... It's so fun to work with this, the only thing that makes it tough is the time pressure and stress. Apart from it, this is the best profession in the world according to me and I was made for this and nothing else, and I get more convinced about that for every project!

A busy mind is a happy mind

Well, hello there Bloggy. No time to think of you when I have a million other thoughts in my head right now. How do I get light into the bedrooms without windows facing the parking lot? How thick should that wall be? Is there room for the handicap WC? How should the roofs look like? How much space does a fire truck need when you open the doors on it? How should I place the pillars and beams? Which of my ideas will the engineer diss the next meeting? And most of all: How will I make it in time?

Maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to spend my weekend doing other fun things, I sure will regret it next weekend when I'll probably get a breakdown or two before the deadline, but whatevzzz *ice cold*. If I can do this I can do anything, that's what I live by right now. And that a crazy weekend is waiting as a reward after the project is done. Go me!

Amela's Graduation

Yesterday we went to Uppsala to see Amela receive her master's degree in economics. And of course, celebrate it afterwards. We did celebrate in the beginning of summer when she finished her studies, but now it was official and would also be celebrated with her family and relatives. Such success can never be celebrated too much. We were all very proud, as usual. Congratulations once again!

Jasmin's and Amela's grandmother with my mom on the first picture, and their grandfather on the other. They must be the cutest old people there is! Since I don't have my own grandfather I would gladly take their deda <3

Just as I wrote in the beginning of summer, when another family friend graduated, I am so happy and proud to be surrounded by these ambitious Bosnian youths that really take advantage of the opportunities we have in this country. We are also very fortunate to have a large crowd of friends, relatives and family friends (which is a bit like family) who loves, supports, encourages and celebrates all our accomplishments with us. It is so heartwarming to see.

Interior Decoration

Finally my room is starting to look like something after weeks of renovation and boxes everywhere. Everything from floor to ceiling was renovated and some new furniture was purchased, which forced me to have all my belongings in boxes for a long while before everything was finished. The walls are now white instead of light blue and now it is like a white canvas that I can decorate with just the colors I want. It is still "under construction" and will be for a while before everything is in place, but I have started to decorate it so I can feel comfortable in my beloved room. I have almost become a bit obsessed with this "project".

Here are some pictures from my instagram of details in my room. Since I have not picked out which of my own photos I'll have but was eager to put together some pictures, I collected all the frames we had at home and cut out images from two magazines. Very simple, quick and inexpensive.

This is a collage of some pictures from my "inspo" folder on the computer where I just save everything that I find inspirational. This helped me to decide which color scheme I want in the room. The images are from Ikea, Ellos, H&M Home, and other interior blogs. 

Fire in Skarpnäck

If you have checked the news sites this morning, or been in the south of Stockholm and felt the smoke, you have probably heard about the fire in Skarpnäck where I live. It went on for several hours this morning before fifty firefighters managed to get it under control. Luckily no one was seriously hurt, but now 63 apartments are damaged either by fire, smoke or water, electricity and heat does not work, and about 200 people have been evacuated according to SR and some don't know when they can return home. It's not the first time you hear of such a thing, and far from the worst, just take a hurricane in the U.S. as an example, that has caused huge devastation whose scale you can hardly imagine, or the storm in India, which also required several lives and destroyed a lot of homes. But when an accident happens a few streets away, it becomes so real. One of my nightmares, to see my home and all my possessions destroyed, became a reality for many people in my neighborhood today. My brother has friends who had to run out in slippers and see the house burn, and some have been told that it will take at least six months before they can move back home. It's so horrible that I want to cry just at the thought of that experience. Mom and I filled a lot of bags with clothes to bring to the location where many of the evacuees are currently staying. Although we got rid of lots of clothes before the renovation, it was still not difficult to collect a decent bunch of clothes, winter coats and shoes. It's two different ways to think, "do I need this?" and "someone needs this more than I do." The last-mentioned made it so much easier to get rid of things and it really struck me how much we have at home that we don't use, but think that we have the use of. I really use two pairs of jeans, not eight.

Tomorrow mom will go there again with covers, pillows and other items that may be needed. Many will get help from their insurance companies but it still takes time for these things. Seven families have no insurance at all and has been taken cared of by the church so they can have roof over their heads. They have nothing. If you live nearby, collect clothes and stuff and go there tomorrow, it never hurts to help.

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