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School of Architecture B&W

Some of what I have been up to in school lately. In black and white.

Come and take a walk on the wild side

Good start of the week! The day began with a study visit to the Woodland Cemetery. How convenient for moi, I could sleep in and and be there in ten minutes with bike instead of taking the subway. Imagine if every morning could start with a bike ride in the sun. After the visit, we finished for the day. Our schedule this week is too good to be true, and I'm just wondering what the catch is. TELL ME, WHAT'S THE CATCH?! My classmates told me to shut up and be happy, so I will do as they say. Because I know that this is the calm before the storm since the first project starts next week.

Today I also got a haircut. Finally. Now I feel fresh. And I have a new coat that has made me glad about the autumn. And I have started working out for real. Yes, it's true.


Here's a few months late post with answers to the question post which I foolishly published before I went away on holiday. Some of the answers got very long, so I have not included all questions, but some might already be answered in the last Q/A post which you can find in the same category.  

Hello! Very good blog, I love to read about your school projects and such... But now to my question: how big is your blog? And would you say that you are putting much effort into your blog? Do you think about it a lot, or do you just blog when you feel like it and have time to spare?
- Thanks! Compared to all other blogs, my blog is a small drop in the ocean. Earlier I had about 1,500 unique readers a week with about 500 unique daily (the number is a bit lower since the summer) which is little compared to others, but a lot to me who don't know who all these people are! I have many readers with origin from the Balkans, and that world is quite "small" so it often happens that someone I know has a friend who reads my blog, or that somebody recognize me on a Bosnian concert/party or even when I am in Bosnia or Croatia. So for me, it can sometimes feel bigger than it is (like, what if somebody is watching me now? O.o).
I feel no "duty" to blog and therefore I don't do it when I don't have the time or will, but I often think of it during the day. I do it automatically after several years of blogging, and it doesn't take very much time or energy. What takes the most time is to edit photos, to "design" the post, the order in which the images are coming up, etc. (if you only knew how picky I am with details), so I put a lot of effort that part, but I think it's fun.

Do you earn money on your blog?
- There's no advertising (except's annoying ad) or sponsored posts here so no. I get a few bucks when I upload videos through VideofyMe, but it's not something I even count, I only use it because I don't want my videos on YouTube. I don't have that ambition with my blog.

Which countries have you visited? Which countries would you like to visit and why?...
- Well, let's see... Bosnia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, France, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Egypt and Japan. And Beijing airport in China, hehe (I have a Chinese stamp in my passport, so it counts a little!).
Oh, there are so many countries I want to visit in every continent! I want to do a coast to coast road trip in the U.S., I want to visit Japan again, Singapore, Malaysia, China, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, India, Brazil, Turkey... I could go on forever. There are so many beautiful and different places to see, so many other environments, culture and architecture to experience. I'm very interested in how other people live and think, it doesn't matter if I'm in Japan, Germany or Egypt, I can sit and just watch people and try to imagine living their lives, what they think, what they think about me from Sweden and so on. I'm a little extra into Asia and would like to visit cities there because it's so awesome to see people living in modern cities in the same way as we do, but still have a culture that differs so much from the West. 

...And mention your favorite building and why it is! :)
- I don't really a favorite yet, but to mention one anyway, I say the first that comes to mind and that I have seen IRL - the Prada store in Tokyo. I fell for both the outside and inside. Everything from the simple entrance to how it is constructed, how it is lit at night, the luxurious fitting rooms, the grid of "bubbly" windows... Genius. Here you can find more pictures. 

For how long do you think you will be blogging?
- That's difficult to answer. My interest for this is not how it once was, but I would find it hard to close the blog as it has become a small part of me. I write less than before but I love to take pictures and prefer to post them here before Facebook and Instagram since my blog my own little creation where I control how everything looks. I guess the updates will just end over time, if I don't decide to close it before then. But I will not say "I quit blogging" and then start blogging after a month again, so when I tell you that I quit blogging it will probably be the first and last time.
What is the nicest anyone has done for you? What's the worst? Do you visit Bosnia every year? To which cities do you go?
- Loved me unconditionally, that is the nicest. The worst thing someone has done is to force me away from my hometown and country. Yes, I usually visit Bosnia in the summer. Earlier, I used to visit Banja Luka (my hometown) with my family, but I have not been there for two years now. The last five years I have gone to Sarajevo.
Lana, How do you get such a beautiful tan? I was looking at some of your pictures from vacation and it seems like you get dark pretty fast . I am really struggling with that, it seems like I cannever get dark fully. Please give me some tipss. :)
- It’s genetical I guess, I don’t have any good tips to give since all I do is just being in the sun. I try not to get burned and I always use sunprotection in the beginning. My mom has really freaked me out about skincancer, so my tip for you is to not try too hard and find some good self-tanning products!
Lana ... with your student finance, how do you afford trips, fun things and nice clothes? I feel that I already have panic before becoming a student just because being "limited" is not my thing. I have been working throughout my high school years and have always had plenty of money because I live at home, but when you start studying at university everybody say that I will not have time to work and if I do, I'll need that time to rest.
- It's all about priorities and how you distribute your money. My student allowance is higher than the one you get in high school (for you who are not from Sweden, in Sweden all students get about 280 € per month if you study at the university college) and I don't need any loans because I live at home. Since I love to travel, I always save some of the money I get every month to some trip, and sometimes, for example the study trip to Tokyo, my parents help me financially. Some months there will be more left for shopping and festivities, and sometimes less. It can go months without any shopping if my economy doesn't allow it, I just have to live with it since there are other things I prioritize. During summer I work for a few weeks to afford summer holidays.
If you can work or not depends on yourself and what you study, all programs do not require as much time in school and if you are good at planning and determine how much time you need to study, I absolutely believe that you can work and study simultaneously. Otherwise, you simply have to learn to be "limited" and remember that most people are much more limited than you.
What do you think about Bosnians?
- Well, what do I think about myself? Haha. It is impossible generalize an entire population, and also put myself in the same category, but if I will try to make a generalization in comparison to the majority of Swedes, I think Bosnians show emotions in a more intense way. To love, party, fight, joke - everything is more intense and I love that about us Bosnians. Znamo sta je merak. It's no wonder that I love our mentality since I have grown up in a Bosnian home. However, there are some sides that bothers me, that is more common among Bosnians than Swedes, and this I think applies for all societies where the group is of a more importance than the individual - where family, relatives and surroundings plays a big role. For example, it's more common that people interfere in the private lives of others, and there is more bigotry and judgement. But far from all Bosnians are like that, you just have to make sure you are in the right company.
1. Your father is an architect, so does he make lot of houses and stuff? are there any pictures of things your dad have made that you could share? I'm sure he's really good when you already in Year 1 at university are doing like cool and advanced buildings! 2. where do you buy your clothes? so nice style! 3.How long is the training for architects? 4. How much does a trip to Croatia cost? love this blog, such an inspiration!
- 1. My dad works mostly with renovation of buildings and does very different jobs, it's been everything from bank offices and attic apartments in the city to the rebuilding of a crematorium at a cemetery. Architects very rarely work alone in a project, so he didn't do everything by himself.
2. I mostly buy my clothes at H&M and Zara. Thank you!
3. The architect program is 5 years, but on average it takes 6-7 years since it is recommended to work/practice at least one year.
4. It is difficult for me to answer because I never fly directly to Croatia, I usually travel by bus from Bosnia. It also depends on where you go, if you stay in a hotel or rent an apartment, and in that case, how much you spend on food and other things. Thanks you very much!
Do you have many exams in architectural education or is it just projects like those you have shown? You are really awesome!
- No, we have no traditional exams, the only exams we have are those we write at home, otherwise we have projects that you can read more about the architecture category, located under the header. Thanks so much! 
How much did your RayBans cost? :) What size and model are your RayBans? :)
- The model is RB3025 in size large. They cost 1500 SEK (about 150 €) which I once thought was far too expensive for a pair of sunglasses that I probably will break directly, but they are still intact and so worth every penny!
1. Where do you want to live in the future? 2. The most beautiful city in the world? 3. Which boy names and girl names do you think are the nicest? 4. How did you travel to Sarajevo and what did the ticket cost and which company?
- 1. Oh, I don't know, but I like it best in the big city! I like the speed, energy and activity. Maybe Paris, Tokyo, New York, you never know... I think that Sweden is a great country for my future children to grow up in, and I love Stockholm. It's just that depressing and long winter that speaks against.
2. Very difficult to answer because I have not been to all the cities in the world! 
3. I don't know, I do not think too much about it, but I like short names, like for example Mia, or my own, haha.
4. I took a flight, a single ticket cost me 1500 SEK with Norwegian.

Apologies for delivering the most boring question (probably the most common as well) but what camera did you use in Japan? T
- Q/A posts are for questions! I used Sony NEX-3. And as usual, I would like to remind you that the brightness, color and contrast in my pictures are edited.

Green Harmony

A sunny saturday without any obligations means time for a trip. We took the car to Tyresö castle where we walked around in the park and had a picknick by the water. So nice and peaceful. Just what I needed this weekend.

Stvarnost nam je crno-bijela, a buducnost siva


School of Architecture

History of architecture, engineering and representation, this is what we have been doing the last weeks. Although the first project has not started, it has been pretty intense in school with shorter tasks that take up much of my time. This week we have been working with the 3D software Rhino. Time to learn that too.

This is an example of how it looks. I played with it a bit during the lecture and it feels like I'm getting a hold of it. It's easier to learn a new program, the more programs you already know. I will try to do my next project in 3D.

What we're doing now is however more fun than what we were doing last week in technology. I prayed for that week to be over as soon as possible. It's really hard to do something when you don't have a clue about what the hell you are doing. But I am learning... Hopefully.

During Technology Week this giant moved into my bookcase. A very much needed "handbook" (I can barely lift it, but okay) with all about construction and how to draw it. In other words, all I need to learn... *Sigh*.

Instagram - August

After a month abroad, it was a great to come home to Stockholm and meet all friends again. As usual, Natalie was the first person I met, for updates and brownies.Tradition is tradition. 

However, it didn't take long before I decided to go on a little trip again, this time to my dear Jasmina, and the weekend was spent in Falköping and Gothenburg, where we had a lot of fun.

Some days me and my boyfriend didn't do anything else but just being lazy at home. We started our annual Harry Potter marathon a bit earlier this year and got mindfucked by too much watching (I seriously thought that I saw a Death Eater as soon as I walked past a man in a black cloak). The second picture is of my little crib that I build one day (long live the child within me!), it didn't take long though before my hajvan brother threw himself on it and ruined it. 

I've had some really fun nights out this month. I came home at dawn, tired but happy, every time. I have a bunch of blurry iPhone pictures from all those nights.. Many are still a mystery. 

I been on many BBQs and double-dates. And I bought a new necklace at H & M. 

Walked around at Riddarholmen and other nice places in town. And ate at Vapiano again, I can't get enough of pollo piccante! 

I been to many coffee houses and also made a visit to Ikea. Hopefully my little room makeover project will start now in september, I'm living in a mess right now. 

Sweet September Sun

Apparently, I got one more day with shorts, yesterday the sun surprised us with lovely september heat. I started late and was able to meet up with my boyfriend for a lunch on the pier in Old Town before we headed off to our universities. The best places in Stockholm are by the water, and completely free to enjoy. Oh, I really hope for more sunny september days and opportunities like this, I'm not ready to let go of the summer yet!

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