Winter in Stockholm II

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Hope all of you who celebrate have a really nice Christmas! Even I, who don't celebrate Christmas, feel a great atmosphere with all the snow, decorations and a long holiday. For us mussies that haven't got anything to do when everything is closed and everyone else is busy with Christmas celebration, you have to find something to do together. I have a muslim boyfriend too, and this is the fourth(!) Christmas we just chill at home together. At this moment, he's making dinner for us, and after that we will continue our Lord of the Rings marathon. Not so bad either. 

Atleast my family has a white "New Year's tree" at home that lights up the apartment!

Playstation 3

While everyone is buying Christmas presents for loved ones I buy one for myself, hehe. I spent a part of my extra pay on a Playstation 3, and I'm happy as a little child over it! It's white and goes perfectly with my beloved tv. My boyfriend came over with a few games yesterday and we were up half the night playing. Little Big Planet is really a hilarious multiplayer game. And now you know what we'll be doing the rest of the holidays...    

Balkan Cruise Video

I've seen the video a few times now, and I laugh every time, I don't know if it's because I get reminded of our crazy night, or because Balkan people are a bit wack. But we do know how to party! Cred to Omanovic production for an entertaining video (it's in Swedish if you wonder). Love the last part with the flashmob to Italiana!


If it's not studies, it's work. First study free week started didn't started as chill as I had in mind, but I won't say no to the opportunity to work for a week since I'll just be at home for a month. I'm back in the office where I worked last summer, and has worked many holidays since I was 16 years old. I'm pretty familiar with this in other words. I sit at the same desk as usual (I imagine that it is my own place), I've basically memorized all one hundred corporation names by now and no one is surprised to see me, they greet me as if I where there every day. Too bad economist is not my future dream profession, this would have been a good start. Or that it doesn't have its own architectural department for their properties. I'm still waiting...

By the way, the pictures are taken in the summer. We hardly get that much sunlight these days. A spontaneous question I ask myself: Who the hell settled here in Sweden before there was electricity? They obviously felt that cold and constant darkness was quite ok.

Winter in Stockholm

Cake Pops

I think I've found myself a new hobby during the holidays: Making cake pops! I made my first yesterday and realized that they can be done in infinitely many ways and they are super delicious! They are also very easy to make, it was just the décor that took a long time, but on the other hand, I thought that part was the most entertaining!

  • 2 packages Ballerina Biscuits (or any other biscuit with filling, like Oreo)
  • about 100 g cream cheese
  • 200 g milk chocolate or white chocolate
  • Sticks and something to put the finished cake pops in.
Crush the biscuits in a blender until they are crumbs. Mix the crumble with cream cheese. Roll the dough into balls, and dont make them too big - there's a risk is that they become too heavy and slides down the stick. Then put the balls in the fridge for about an hour so they stiffen.

Melt the chocolate in a water bath until it is runny. Take the balls out of the fridge (I took out a few out at a time to keep the rest cold) and dip the stick in the melted chocolate before you press it into the ball so it holds better. Dip the ball into the chocolate. The easiest and fastest is if you just dip the top half, but if you want the whole covered in chocolate you have to let the chocolate drip off (do not shake, but rather spin, speaking from experience).
Something that I didn't find in the recipes on the internet but that's important to think about is where to put the sticks when the chocolate still isn't stiff. I stuck the sticks in apples, in containers of sugar and rice. I wish I had some styrofoam to stick them into! If you want to decorate with sprinkles, let the chocolate harden slightly before dipping. You can also decorate with chocolate over chocolate. I used both melted milk chocolate, white chocolate and white chocolate colored with food coloring!

The bells are ringing

It's not every day you get to climb up on the roof of Katarina Church. Following a morning of lectures, our teacher suddenly told us that our group would make a visit. He is one of the architects who worked with the rebuilding of it after the fire in 1990, and also one of the few who get the key when the church is closed. We climbed with flashlights in very dark spaces and stairs which isn't for those with fear of heights, until we finally came out on a slippery little roof. At times it was creepy, as when the church bells beneath us began to ring, but all in all, a lot of fun to start the week with a trip!

There is something magic about cities seen from above, regardless of time or weather.

A Lion in Siberia

Is there anything more wonderful in december than a winter wonderland? The coldness almost becomes insignificant when the sight of all the snow makes me childishly happy. I must get a sledge! Anyway, I had the most wonderful morning and an early start to the weekend today. Next week it's only a few days left of school and then I am free! Then I will play in the snow, decorate my room, do some baking and get cozy with all my friendzz that I've missed. Much cozyness in other words! 

Swedish House Mafia

THERE IS NO ANTIDOTE! The concert took place the weekend before the deadline of my project, therefore I didn't have time to write something about it, but it's just as well because if I had written immediately after the concert the whole post would've probably be written in capital letters. Now the hype has calmed down, but what an evening that was! I am SO GLAD that I fought for the tickets, to miss this once in a lifetime show would have been a shame! The music pumped so hard that I felt my inner organs vibrate, the light show was captivating and the atmosphere was overwhelming. You know when you get so hyped that you just want to jump and scream so loud you can? That I did, for sure. 

I managed to film some short clips despite low battery. Unfortunately, the sound is quite bad but the camera simply couldn't handle the base, haha. You have to look after my 1:15, the last "explosion" when they played One.

Balkan Cruise

What a crazy weekend at the sea, from beginning to end! It was the first time for us on Balkan Cruise (which takes off here in Stockholm) and it was time to give it a try! The cruise was a great reward for all of us after very hard time with school/job. We were all relaxed, hyped and in the best mood ever. Some moments I laughed so much that tears literally ran and couldn't stop - a wonderful feeling!

Our pre-party in our cabin. I don't know how it happened, but in a few seconds everybody went completely crazy. Six super hyped people in an area that feels like a square meter can only end in chaos.

As self-declared photographer, I tried to document this the best I could, but I mostly stood and laughed myself to death, at Erna's force-feeding with fireball, a.k.a. vatrena lopta, at Jasmin's toilet paper war, at Ladas singing which was far from real singing, at all the stupid comments... I don't know how we got out of there.

The music was better than I had dared to hope for. In addition to the artists' own songs, Zeljko Samardzic and Mia something (sorry, forgot), there was a huge mix of music ranging from folk music to popular music and old classics. Sometimes I cried my heart out and sometimes I felt like disappearing through the ground (or sea). It was a bit too much folk music and totally unknown songs for me, but I think the majority preferred it so who am I to complain.

Great minds think alike. Our outfit choices did not happen through consultation, haha!

SVE JOS MIRISE NA NJU! I die a little every time this song is played somewhere, and I just have stand on a chair. 

Our cabin was never the same after the pre-party. It has to be the worst environment I have ever slept in. But that didn't stop us for more laughter and fun before we went to sleep around at 6 o'clock in the morning. Or when we woke up and Adi fell off the bed in the dark HAHA.

The next day after lunch, it was already time to party again. Here we really gave all of our last strength! Erna, Lada, Amela and I must have looked like we escaped from the mental hospital when they played songs Kise Jesenje and Bosnom Behar Probeharao. It really was our moment.

Our own party king Haris finished the party with starting a flashmob to Severinas Italiana (he later went up on stage). It will be so fun to see the video of it! It couldn't have been a better ending!

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