Because we were on fire

My Friday was great! First, I enjoy a dinner with all the girls from our group in high school - finally we managed to get all seven together! Then I met up with my partner in crime for a crazy hip hop night at Berns. Love it when spontaneous evenings turn out awesome. And I love to wake up in the morning with the camera roll on the phone full of blurry and ugly pictures. That, along with pain in my legs and feet, are signs of a good night.

Tokyo Flashbacks

At this time last year, I went to Tokyo. That's probably why I now often get flashbacks from the trip, and perhaps also because most of my classmates are now away on trips. Oh, how I miss that city. Crazy, amazing, wonderful Tokyo. I'll be back, I promise.
If you want to see more pictures, there are an awful lot of posts under the category of Tokyo 2012

Here comes the sun, and I say it's all right

This update-once-a-day-thing lasted a week, until I had to start waking up at six every morning to get to work. Me and early mornings do not work very well together. The last three days have just melted together into one very tired and stressed out blurr, especially yesterday when I spent the whole day making and receiving calls and messages about the one thing and the other, while trying to work at the same time. Felt like an assistant/organizer/event planner who goes around with a headset and talk to ten people at once, "No, not red flowers, pink! Yes, no. Yes. Not 200, 100! I SAID PINK FLOWERS FOR GODS SAKE". You know what I mean. However, looking at the bright side, the fact that there is so much to plan, book and fix means that many fun events are upcomming! And lets not forget about the sun.

Those nights of victory

You read that right - VICTORY!!! World Cup in Brazil, here we come! Okay, we should not make any presumptions but... time to learn samba? The evening of Victory started with me and Erna dressing the room in Bosnian flags, the word "exaggeration" didn't exist in our dictionary. If you can't be on the supporter section, you make a supporter section of your home. When the rest of the gang arrived it didn't take long before  the party started, again and again since we made three goals against the Greeks! Better than I dared to hope for! The most comical of the night must have been a while after the second goal when everyone jumped on each other in a explosion of happiness:
Me: Erna... You broke a little piece of my tooth!
Erna: SO WORTH IT!!!

Igraj Bosno nedaj se, igraj svi smo uz tebe

Tonight the patriot, fanatic and football hooligan inside of me comes out, because tonight it's time for Bosnia to play what may be the most important match in this World Cup qualifier, so that we for once can qualify and not stumble over the finish line for the 238359th time (the game in Paris has left deep wounds). I tried to do meaningful things done today, but I'm too nervous and all bosnians are hyping this on social media and text messaging which makes it impossible for me to concentrate, so I gave up and started looking through pictures and videos from past games to get into the right mood instead. I have a category on this blog, Bosnians on tour , if you also want to take a look. Tonight we'll be cheering/praying/hoping as much as we can, for Sweden as well.Please, make this happen...

A sneak peek of my room

Ever since my room was renovated it has felt unfinished, as it's always something missing that I have not had time to fix. I'm still missing a rug and pictures on the walls. However, this is a sneak peek of my beloved room which I enjoy so much that my parents will not get rid of me for a while.

Coffee time

Mom also wanted to be on Instagram so we did a photo shoot a la Top Model during our coffee time. I love the days when both me and my mom are free or come home early from work. The coffee machine, aka. George Clooney, is a big favorite here at home. I wish I could sit with a coffee the whole day but unfortunately an awful lot of work is waiting for me. The project, a number of essays and work at the office upcomming two weeks when my classmates at the university will be going on field trips. I've done a good job of repressing it so far. Go me.

Photo Apps I use

² - A mini Photoshop on your phone where you can crop, rotate, edit, add text, make collages, etc. Among the editing apps I have tested, I think Photogene has everything you need. It may take a while until you discover all the features, but once you learn them, it's very simple. 
VSCO CamThis app also has some of the editing features I mentioned above, but not as good. I only use the app because of the filters that I now often choose instead of Instagram's filters. I mostly use filter 04 and 05.  
PicFrame - Although it's possible to do it in Photogene, PicFrame has many more options when it comes to making collages.
Pixlromatic - I use this one very rarely, only if I'm going to add some extra effects like sparkling lights and such. It can be fun to use at party pictures for example. Added some of these effects on my New Year's pictures.
Afterlight - Bought this one recently and have not had time to use it properly but from what I have seen, it has many nice filters and lighting effects. Could be a new favorite, it's very easy to use and I like that you can adjust the opacity of each filter and effect (0-100).
Instagram - No need to comment. 


Dear March - the month of celebrations. The celebration of the sun, which is slowly finding it's way back to this land in the north, the celebration of spring that is giving us little teasers between the snowstorms, the celebration of women, the celebration of all birthdays, including moí. And if nothing else, it's worth celebrating the fact that we survived january and february. We have started with the last project this year. I CAN SEE THE LIGHT. Somewhere far away, but still, I can see it. *wiping tears of joy*


It has been a weekend of girlpower! Oh yeah. With friends, with mom, in the gym, in the club, in the topics of conversation, in my head - everywhere. A bigger part of this weekend was spent with these two fabulous women. Is there anything better than smart, female friends who understand/support/lift you up/make you a better person and have fun with you? 



Today I'm turning 21! Woho! I love birthdays, I always wake up in the greatest mood! In addition to that I took the day off for a wonderful day with my boyfriend and family. And I'm very thankful for all nice gratulations that brightened my day! Thank you very much!!!

International Women's Day

Today we celebrate all the women who make the world a better place. As always, I celebrate my dear mother since she is my biggest role model and inspiration. I'm happy if I get to be half as a strong woman and wonderful mother to my children as she is to us. She has always made her best to raise me into a woman with good self-esteem and confidence. She has told me countless times to demand the best because I'm worth nothing less, to stand up for myself and never let anyone bring me down, to live my life and do what I want, and never ever be dependent on a man, or anyone else for that matter. It is important not to forget the origins of this day, because everything I just mentioned is still far from given to the majority of women in the world, who is still inferior to men. Even in today's modern Sweden. Stand up for yourself girls, fight for equal status and recognition in the male-dominated professions, throw a drink in the face of those who lay a hand on you at the club without your permission and most importantly - raise your children to have the view of gender equality that you want to see in the world.

A perfect Thursday


1. It's still early but I can't help but go into bookstores and look at guidebooks to see which of them I should buy for the U.S. trip. They're waiting for me...
2. Jasmin's mom made a very appreciated breakfast for a very tired gang the day after partying in Uppsala.
3. It's much easier to go to our ugly architecture school when the sun shines, and for the first time this year I felt a little heat from it. 
4. My camera roll on the phone - when I'm too lazy to carry home books from the library.
5. Picture of Old Town taken from the train on my way home from school. I love seing a sunny Stockholm.
6 & 7. Haris and Benjo surprised us with a really good dinner and an even tastier desert, and then we made a toast to BiHs Independence day.
8. I've been forgetting to bring a pad to the lectures, which has resulted in my calendar looking like this. I need a new one.
9. One of my teachers talked about his seven years of working for Cultural Heritage without Borders in the postwar Balkans, where he worked with the reconstruction of historical and cultural buildings destroyed in the war. I'm really grateful to have so inspiring and talented teachers. One day when I gather enough knowledge and experience, I would like to do something similar, to use my competence and do something meaningful through the profession I have chosen. To be able to do that for my native country would be the most wonderful I can imagine. The quote at the bottom of the picture is worth reading: 
"Damage to cultural property belonging to any people whatsoever means damage to the cultural heritage of all mankind, since each people makes its contribution to the culture of the world." 

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