Instagram - March

The month is not over yet, but since I have a project to finish and will go away next week, here comes some pictures from instagram now instead.

March began with sunshine and spring weather which made it much easier to get to school in the morning. I felt alert and happy, and had a good hair day when the picture was taken (rarely happens these days).

I have been listening a lot to these two songs, Gotye - Somebody that I used to know och Fun - We are young.

It was my birthday and I was as usual very happy about it. Got some really cute chocolate, almost too cute to be eaten.

The birthday night ended at the casino where I won some money at the roulette for the first time in my life. After that I didn't dare to play anymore *n00b*. I bought some clothes for my birthday money, including this blue blazer.

I also got new shoes that I love and use all the time, and got hooked on this "mint" trend.

Had coffee and studied at Wayne's Coffee with a classmate and walked around in the city on sunny days.

We had some game nights with Monopoly, lots of snacks and the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest. Speaking of games, I've started to play The Sims again, six years later (I was a real sims nerd once upon a time). I say it's for my studies, haha. Designing houses in school all day and designing houses for my Sims in the evening. I will go psychotic soon.

Work in progress - the drawings began to take shape after many hours with AutoCAD. To the right is a picture of me who discovered mom's green cardigan from the '80s.


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