The Birthday Celebration

I had a wonderful birthday with the people I love most in the world. After a short day at school I met up with Mom for shopping and coffee in the lovely sun. I thought that I would only meet with Jasmin later, but instead the whole family showed up as a little surprise. We ate at a nice Italian restaurant where I mostly sat and thought about how much I love my family, with my brother who complains about it being too expensive and that you can buy three pizzas for the same price in our neighbourhood, my cheesy and over-enthusiastic mother, my father with his jokes that you just  have to laugh at, I who talk too much and don't let anyone eat until I photographed the food and Jasmin who laughs at us all. Can you ask for a better family? They are so wonderful. Oh, I feel the lump in my throat... Anyway, after dinner we parted, and the evening ended with drinks and some casino gambling, just because I now am old enough. I didn't dare to gamble much, but the important thing is that I went out with more cash than I came in with! Lana Vs. Casino, 1-0.

It was kind of nice not to have my birthday over the weekend for a change, I didn't have to plan and organize a party/dinner/night out (those who know me know what anxiety I usually have if everything isn't perfect and under control) and instead I could just relax and enjoy the day. Thank you beloved family, boyfriend, friends and all the other fine people in my life for your congratulations and nice words. Love you!

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just wanted to say you have a really nice blog!

Have a nice day!

2012-03-14 @ 14:05:14

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