Sun, sand and San Diego

San Diego. Last stop on our road trip through California was in this beautiful and sunny city. Long beaches, relaxed people and awesome nightlife is a good summary. One week was plenty of time get into a San Diego mode ourselves and rest after all tourism in previous cities. We lived with Erna and Alex on their campus, one day later, Melisa also came to visit from Vermont and we were suddenly a whole bunch.

We spent several mornings at the pool at SDSU's campus (not something we have in universites in Sweden...). Great way to start the day in that desert heat, and you did not have to take your car there. San Diego is by the way also very car friendly, although not as bad as LA.

Other days we hung out on the beaches. We went to La Jolla (above) one day, a more luxurious area in San Diego with all beach villas. However, I didn't like the beach here as much as those closer to town, like Pacific Beach (below) which is much larger and more happenings.

I suppose that you are well aware of my love for cookies, especially soft, american, cookies... Check this out: Cookie + icecream with cookie dough + cookie. Died. Atleast my stomach died a little after half of that. Erna, you know what to bring home to me.

San Diego borders to Tijuana in Mexico, if you didn't know. I have a pretty good knowledge of American geography, so shame on me that I didn't know that San Diego is larger than San Francisco, San Diego at 8th place, while San Francisco is on the 14th(!). Anyway, one afternoon we took the car to a large outlet mall which is located on the border to Mexico. You could basically throw a rock over the wall. It was really appealing to drive over to Mexico, but we couldn't take the risk if with trouble getting back into the United States. Anyone who has been to Tijuana? Should we've turned left?


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