Just a little something

Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to give as a gift, but if you are lucky you have the extra time to think of something, and maybe something a bit homemade, which is always more fun to give away. I'm going to share with you a present that my boyfriend and I gave away recently, which might inspire someone. Making a gift basket/gift box allows you to fill it with "goodies" and adjust it both price-wise and interest-wise. You can for example have a theme. If you give it to someone who likes to draw and paint, sew, or cook - fill it with things suitable for each interest. In our case, it was gifts that represented the characteristics of the receiver (figured it would either be very lame or very good). What everyone thought was most interesting seemed to be a comic strip that I'd drawn and put in the card, and a gift certificate from UNICEF (another good tip). I made the box out of a fruit box that I wrapped in gift paper and decorated with electrical tape and satin ribbon. Finally, I wrapped the whole basket in cellophane.


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