Bosnians on tour in Riga - Day 1

The supporter trip to Riga started in the best possible way, on the so far hottest day of this year, along with the best group of family and friends. Our little crew consisted of twelve people including our parents, it felt like organizing a class trip... As expected, we enjoyed a wonderful atmosphere the minute we stepped on the boat, and it lasted during all three days, as did the sunny weather. There are only three things that I will complain about, but we'll come to that later. The most important thing is that we WON! With a high five! 0-5 to Bosnia & Herzegovina. You don't understand what it means for our small nation to be so close to a position in the World Cup for the first time. It's hard to explain, but just look at us supporters and how persistently we're cheering despite all setbacks. We'll get there, aBd.
The first hours were spent on the deck where we enjoyed the sun, hung out with other friends and sang along with everybody else as soon as a guy showed up with an accordion, a.k.a. harmonika. And where there is a harmonika, there's soon people dancing kolo. In other words: The invasion had begun mwahaha.

The pre-party went as always: Everyone is overly hyped, things begin to go crazy and we find it hard to breathe because we're laughing harder and harder for every glass we drink, and spill. I quote: "The carpet drinks more than you!" - Jasmin.

Then it was time for the pre-match-party. I LOVE when everybody is so excited and Bosnian music get mixed with Bosnian cheering songs. When the live music down here ended, the party continued one floor up in the disco, where the dj continued to play Balkan music. It felt like we already celebrated the win.

We felt very rested for the match the next day...


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